We ALL know that starting out using all these oils can be a tad overwhelming because it often feels like we’ve entered into a new world of learning, right? Well, no worries…we have an amazing simple series of How-Tos to help you get the most out of your oils!

Everything from DIY’s, oily recipes, how to support emotions and hormones, extending out soaps and cleaners, to simple things like cleaning out our diffusers! You’ll come out feeling like an expert! 

Now let's get started! Click on each link below to start learning!
Oils Basics
These "first" ways to use your oils are the questions we get the most often! This list -- and each link -- have manyyyy different ideas on how to use your oils. Consider this our most basic "how to" series! Click each item below to learn HOW TO...
Household Tips
Using oils and our amazing oil-infused products around your home provides peace of mind. You can be sure your family isn't exposed to toxic chemicals or nasty unknown ingredients. Curious where to start? Here's a simple list of HOW TO...

Bath & Body
So you've cleaned up your home. You're understanding that scary ingredients lurk everywhere... and now you're looking at all those things around your bedroom and bathroom and curious if you can replace them with healthier alternatives. I got you! Here are some quick ideas for HOW TO...

Need to Know
Ohhhh I have a few tips left for you!! Here are some other things you may be wondering... and if not yet... let's get curious!


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