What Are Essential Oils?
Whether you got started with our favorite essential oils or my energy in a glass – NingXia Red or our all-in-one cleaner – Thieves Household cleaner, something that makes Young Living products unique is that they're infused with essential oils.
Do you know what essential oils are? 
Do you know how to use them?
Or better yet, why to use them?

Essential oils are just that - oils. Except... they're not actually "oily" like you might expect (hey, I thought they would be!). Have you ever cut some fresh flowers or veggies and noticed the water-like liquid dripping out of the cut? That's the essential oil from that plant. It's chemically considered an oil, but in most cases it's as thin and viscous as water.

Essential oils are the life blood of a plant. They support plant growth, metabolism and much more. And when these plants are grown in the right conditions, harvested at the correct time, and distilled with the utmost care (you can read more about Young Living's Seed to Seal process here) they can aid in keeping our bodies healthy, well, and happy -  which is how our bodies were intended to be. Essential oils are composed of teeny molecules. These molecules so small that they can pass through our tissues and directly into our cells.  Our systems are super effective and can transport these molecules all over our bodies within a matter of minutes, offering maximum support!

Think about how important blood is in our bodies. This is how important essential oils are to the plants they move freely through. The beautiful thing about them is that they carry their benefits to our bodies as well!

Not all essential oils are created equal!  

Not all oils are safe to use in the ways Young Living essential oils are. Those oils you saw at the health store or co-op cannot be ingested the way Young Living oils can.  One thing that is mind blowing is how easy it is for other essential oil brands to have misleading “100% pure” labels - yet contain synthetic oils and additives.  Pretty crazy!  Young Living is the ONLY company that grows it’s own plants from start to finish, and owns their own farms, with the strictest standards around.

Why Use Essential Oils?
Did you know the average woman applies over 300 chemicals to her body in a day? That's between skincare, makeup, lotion, shower products... and the list goes on! The rates of so many diseases are rising tremendously and we wonder why. It's so important to pay attention to what you put in and on your body! We can use oils just as they are, make cleaning DIYs with them, or make personal care products with them. 

Or you can take my perspective and think "If Young Living makes it... I don't!" and purchase everything you need pre-made from Young Living. My bathroom is an explosion of skincare, shower products... even bar soap and bath bombs!

Every essential oil you use is a chemical you don't. And every Young Living product I use is an ingredient list I don't have to question.
When essential oils are applied to the skin, their healing components are absorbed into the bloodstream by pores and hair follicles. Once inside the bloodstream, they disperse to specific organs and systems on which they work. 

The rule of thumb is to place the drop wherever you are supporting. 

For general whole-body applications (like emotions, grounding, calming, energy, or sleep), use the pulse points. Pulse points are the areas of the body where blood vessels are closest to the skin’s surface such as the wrists, temples, inside the elbow, behind the knee, and on the back of the neck. 

For "hot" essential oils such as Thieves or Oregano, dilute with an organic seed oil with a 1:1 ratio.

Essential Oils are great for purifying the air, but also have a powerful effect on our emotions.

Aroma is the substance of memories. Inhaling essential oils can stimulate the olfactory receptors and activate regions in the brain’s limbic system associated with memory, emotion, and state of mind. Hence, in less than a second, a scent has the power to activate a number of physical and emotional responses. The only way to reach that part of your brain is not orally, but through your nose. 

  • smell directly out of the bottle
  • drop a few drops in your hands & cup over your face for a few deep breaths (we call this "tenting")
  • diffuse 4-6 drops
You can also get therapeutic affects from ingesting these Young Living essential oils. Because they are 100% pure with no synthetics, using only the best strain of plants material, Young Living Essential Oils are safe. 
In addition to the health benefits of using oils internally, they can also be used to flavor food and beverages!  The Vitality line of oils are clearly labeled for internal/dietary use and provide a great sneek peek into all the oils you can:

  • add to your favorite dishes
  • drop in your daily water
  • add to empty veggie capsules for targeted support

Wondering HOW TO..... 
  • make a diffuser recipe? 
  • make a roller?
  • make a balm?
  • mix your Thieves Cleaner?
  • set up a morning routine?
  • make some money?
  • choose skincare?
or MORE???? I've got you covered!! 


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