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Welcome!! I'm so glad you want to learn how to make $100. What you do with this (and how often you decide to earn the $100!) will always  be up to you. Come back to this video and review it as often as possible. Whether you have 5 minutes a week or 5 hours a week to invest in growing your paycheck, my desire is to clearly explain the most useful Brand Partner activities for you at every step.

This page on our website is going to be your "go-to" when it comes to all things $100.

  • On this page: 
    THE GUIDE - this is our book on how to make $100 (and take a peek at more IF you decide you're curious!). Inside THE GUIDE you'll find a short video from me and lots of information about how to get plugged in to our team, how to talk to people, ideas on what to share, etc. Trust me, this is packed full of information for you as you're getting started earning that money!
  • Highlights - just the facts, ma'am (or sir!) - I'll break down the numbers and how to earn $100 quickly
  • Links - Get your share link, etc. 
  • More Details - who's here to help and how do you contact them?
  • Photos & Resources to easily share the Starter Bundle
  • Connect & Learn More - links to get plugged in for more info!
Below you'll find THE GUIDE. This is our book on how to make $100 (and take a peek at more IF you decide you're curious!). 

hint: scroll down to the bottom of the guide and click on the arrows to make it full-screen -- you'll be able to page through it much easier and read everything in the proper layout!
Highlights //
Young Living Brand Partners* earn 25% back on their Customer's orders (seriously the flat out BEST "affiliate"-style link you've ever seen!!).

When someone shops using your SHARE LINK (see below), they become one of your Customers. You'll get 25% back on the PV (point value/personal volume) of their orders for the first THREE calendar months they're with Young Living. There's more to earn after that, but this is what I want you thinking through to get that $100 each month!

  • One friend orders 100pv - you get 25% = $25
  • Two friends each order 100pv (200pv total) - you get 25% = $50
  • Bring in 400pv in orders each month to earn $100
  • repeat as often as possible!
Become a Brand PartneR //
If you are currently a Customer with Young Living, you can easily update your account at this link: Become A Brand Partner.

Purchase the Business Essentials Kit (BEK) for $14.95, sign the Brand Partner Agreement, plug into the resources our team offers, and you're on your way to earn unstoppable income with Young Living!

Get your SHARE LINK // 
Go to - sign in then use the top menu to find "Share YL" and you'll see two things below.

  • Your Personal Referral Link // This link is your one-stop shop to hand a friend. It will take them to the Young Living site with your own referral number imbedded in it. It looks like this: (note... that's MY link, not yours... don't send them that one!)
  • Deep Link Generator // This is useful when you want to send a friend to a specific product (or bundle or category). First grab the link to that item, then paste it in the first blank. Generate the link and you'll get something that looks like this for Thieves Household Cleaner: When they click that link they'll go straight to the item and your referral number will be built-in for checkout.
More Details
We're here to help you. The person who invited you to Young Living (they're called your "enroller") is your first point of contact -- but if they're not an active Brand Partner reach out and I'll put you in touch with resources and possibly even a mentor who can help you on this journey (use the contact info on this site to reach out!).


When can I start? You can get started sharing Young Living as soon as you want to begin earning your $100. Start today! 

How do I get paid? We get paid monthly for the work we did in the previous calendar month. So if you begin sharing in February you'll get all your February work paid out in March. Payment will default to a PayPortal through As a better choice, you can set up Direct Deposit through the Virtual Office at and then navigate to "My Account" in the menu. Payroll "drops" around the 18th of the month (adjusting for holidays/weekends).

What are some of the things you might want to achieve beyond a goal of earning $100 this month?

share the starter bundleS
As you begin sharing on social media about our starter bundles, you'll find that you have a ton of resources right art your fingertips! Use these graphics/images in your social media as you share about our starter bundles. 

-- InstaStories folder within the JoyDroppers Google Drive (the rest of the drive is here: JoyDropper Resources)
-- Life Steps --  Premium Starter Bundle Spotlight -- The Life Steps app has dozens of resources available for sharing about our starter bundles. Many are "PRO" account only. I HIGHLY recommend that you upgrade to PRO if you're a brand partner - it's a worthy investment in your growing business! Type "Starter Bundle" into the "Resources" section of the Life Steps app to find all of the amazing albums of images & graphics!

+ Combine videos of yourself talking about the products with the graphics/images. You want your potential customers to associate YOUR face with the products they want to purchase. They're buying from you, and trusting you to help them get started with Young Living.
+ Tell a story. Don’t expect to throw out a graphic of an oil and say- “This is great. Buy it.” No thanks. That will INVITE people to say "no!" Show us. Tell us how it changed your life, with a story. 
+ Follow up!! When you have a conversation with someone about one of the bundles, be sure to check in with that person if they haven't ordered within a week. Following up isn't gross or icky -- it's how you do business if you'd like to gain customers!
Anytime you want to add $100 to your paycheck, this is how you do it! BUT... there are other ways Young Living pays us through their generous compensation plan. Want to learn more? Ready to grow not just a $100 paycheck but also possibly grow a team?
Everyone has their own goals, timelines, expectations, pace, and reasons to get started... but the methods are always simple and straightforward. 
Ready for more? Or just curious?
Next Steps Guide
Drop your name & email below and I'll deliver the Next Steps Guide right to your inbox the minute it's ready! I'll also show up occasionally (in your inbox… not at your front door!) with some fun encouragement, thoughts about our products, and I'll make sure you're getting our monthly team newsletter too!

Connect & Learn more // 
We have so many more tips and tricks for you!
LifeSteps App // For Product Education & Brand Partner Guidance
Get started the right way with on-time tasks and a huge library of resources to guide you along the way – all available in our mobile app.

Make sure you've downloaded the LifeSteps app and have it on your phone! 

You can also upgrade to the PRO account (for just a few bucks a month) where you'll get tons of graphics & downloads and business courses to run through at your leisure.

Business tools include:
+ Professional Website
Stock Notifications
Go through each app course to learn the products & business - in this order:
          -- New To Pro
          -- Launch Your Business
          -- Systems for Success
Contacts (import your Prospects, Customers, and Brand Partners... get tasks for helping them move to the next step!)
Social Media Graphics
Content Sharing (fast and easy learning links for your team!)
Make sure you're part of our team Facebook Groups!! You will need your Young Living account number to access these groups (so we can verify you're part of our team!), so grab that real quick!

PRODUCT USERS // Essential Exchange
For information on using your oils & supplements from Young Living, as well as pop-up classes, live videos, and wellness-related content, join the Essential Exchange!

BRAND PARTNERS // JoyDropper Builders
Interested in getting your monthly product order paid for? Want some wiggle room in your family budget? Looking for some game-changing income? We're nonstop training and cheering you on over in the Builders group!
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