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Mentorship Day 01 | Let’s get started! Maybe you’re brand new to sharing, or are wondering what it’s like to do this Young Living gig as a business. Maybe you are ready to dive headfirst in. Wherever you are in your journey - this is the series for you! This is your month-long launch into creating a legacy for your family! There will be one post, and sometimes a challenge, each day for a month. I’ll also have some “think about it” sections for you to ponder, so have a notebook ready to go. Today we’re going to look at the resources you have available from our team, to make sure you can find answers quickly. Check this link out: 

Mentorship Day 02 | Where Are We Going? Before you start sharing… do you know what you’re hoping to accomplish? Do you know what’s possible?

Mentorship Day 03 | How We Share The biggest thing I hear when people are just starting this business is “I don’t want to be salesy” - YAY. That’s amazing! Me either! So, DON’T BE SALESY. Keep reading to learn how we share!

Mentorship Day 04 | Why Essential Oils? Today I want you to just pause and do some learning. :) Get excited, our oils are amazing.

Mentorship Day 05 | Tips for a Good Social Media Post What makes a post good? What makes it spammy? I’ve got some tips AND a few little scripty posts for you to start out with!

Mentorship Day 06 | Circles of Influence - We ALL have influence. Yep, you totally do. But what about your circles of influence? Let’s chat.

Mentorship Day 07 | Building Interest - We’re constantly building interest in what we offer people. Not just the products, but what YOU can offer someone. There’s a difference! Let’s talk about how we continue drawing people in to what we’re doing.

Mentorship Day 08 | The Customer Experience Helping your customers have the BEST experience possible is so important!

Mentorship Day 09 | Top 10 Products You and your best 10 products… click to read why this approach to your business will bring in more customers!

Mentorship Day 10 | Use Your Oils Use your oils! Start using the products! You need to be a product of the product. People will buy YOU. YOU are what they will buy. Your stories. Your testimonies. You need to have personal experiences and stories in order to be able to share.

Mentorship Day 11 | Sharing Naturally Alright! Let’s put some of what we’re learning into action! Let’s think of something FUN to share on social media today. What is your fave recipe you always make? Maybe it’s your easiest go-to dinner pick, or a bommbbb muffin recipe you make every weekend - whatever it is - share it! When do you make it? How did it become a favorite? What is the recipe? Write it up and hit post on FB and IG! Share it to your stories! And bonus points - actually make it! Walk over to your neighbor’s house and drop it off.  Bring it to work to share. Drop it to the teacher’s at your kid’s school! ←- This is you showing up for your community - it feels so good! (that’s it! No link/reading for today!)

Mentorship Day 12 | Stock Your Store How is this business better than a brick & mortar business? Are you stocking your store monthly? Let’s talk details.

Mentorship Day 13 | The Business Cycle Here are the steps of the business cycle. I’ll expand on these over the next few weeks!

Mentorship Day 14 | IG Stories Hop on your personal Instagram account and do a story series!  Click below for templates you to save and use! Remember to show your face between the slides!

Mentorship Day 15 | Classes Want to deep dive into hosting classes? In person, Zoom classes, or Facebook classes?! Growth comes from consistency and consistency is all about showing up to educate.

Mentorship Day 16 | Success Thoughts “Our actions and our inactions (or inability to act) can always be traced back to our thoughts.” Ahhh. This is so true, isn’t it? I mean… I can give you a list of things you MUST DO to be successful at this biz and tell you exactly how to do them. But if you don’t believe you’ll be successful, or if you’re nursing some harmful assumptions about yourself or about this business, you’ll unknowingly sabotage your success. So let’s listen to how my personal business coach, Kristen Boss, teaches about thoughts necessary for success. You’re going to want to take notes, trust me! (be sure to add her podcast to your device favorites - you’ll want to listen to her regularly! Start with her very first episode and you won’t be sad!)

Mentorship Day 17 | Making Connections - Remember that dream list you made a few days ago when we talked about circles?! Let’s make some genuine connections! Go through your list and reach out to everyone over the next few days! Message them on FB or IG, comment on their photos, send them a text, give them a call...whatever feels natural. Don’t mention oils! Just start a natural conversation, compliment them, ask them about their family..just get the conversation started. They will begin seeing your oily posts the more you interact with them!

Mentorship Day 18 | It’s Roller Time! Let’s head over to our socials today and show how to make your fave roller recipe! Prop your phone up, and make a video of you adding the oils to the roller, adding the carrier, and then showing where you apply it! Simple things like this done regularly help people see the way you’re using your products and help them imagine using oils in their own routine. As a question like “if I was to make YOU a roller, what would you want it to do for you?” and see if you can get some conversations going!

Mentorship Day 19 | Get a Reference Guide - Friends, you do not need to be an expert on these products to help your friends get them! We are all about empowering people to take control of their own homes, health, and emotions, and giving them the tools and resources to feel knowledgeable and prepared! So, the ONE thing you must must own is a reference guide! This pocket/field reference or if you want even more info, the desk/home reference, is the most important book you’ll own!

Mentorship Day 20 | What’s in My Diffuser? Prop your phone up, and video yourself filling up that diffuser! Put some music to it in IG, maybe add a GIF! Pop this template up after your video with the diffuser recipe.

Mentorship Day 21 | Personal Growth - Here are some tips for personal growth as you grow your team!

Mentorship Day 22 | LifeSteps App Today I want you to focus in on the LifeSteps app (hopefully you’ve already got it on your phone and are loving it!! If you haven’t before, go to the main screen, click on the menu at the top, and take the Wellness Assessment. This is a great way to customize your order each month based on what your body needs – and encourage your new customers to get the app and take this assessment, too! Now click on Resources at the bottom and check out the current month resources! Here you’ll find graphics, helpful tips, promotion (gifts with purchase) information, and more! Find something to use on social media today! (you can also search “stories” in this part of the app for IG story graphics of all kinds!)

Mentorship Day 23 | Consistency Pays Off Consistency… Closing… and Followup. 

Mentorship Day 24 | Follower Formula - How do you find people? How do you track who they are? Here’s a simple trick! 

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  • Enzymes: Building Blocks of Life
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Business Chat (sample topics)
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  • Followup
  • Finding your Niche
  • Planning your Calendar
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