Scripts + Classes

These are here for you to use an inspiration so you can start sharing IMMEDIATELY! Feel free to customize them (remembering to stay FDA Compliant, don't make disease claims) and make them your own! Or, use them as they are.

Okay so here are some post ideas! 

// Script 1 //

aka I haven’t even received my oils yet but I am so excited!

*Photo: Grab a photo from the Lifesteps app!

“After the millionth of my friends started using essential oils, I finally decided to see what all the fuss was about. Not really sure about how this is gonna go, but I am SO excited to find out. My Young Living starter bundle is on its way, and we are so ready to get some quality sleep, chill out a bit, and start keeping our bodies WELL. Let the stalking of the mailman begin.”

// Script 2 //

aka I am a tired mom

*Photo: snap a picture of your bottle of Stress Away in your hand with chaos behind it OR snap a pic of your crazy children OR a pic of you being tired. DO NOT OVER THINK THIS. 🙂  OR use a photo from Lifesteps

“Guys. Today has been one of those days. You know when you feel like you’ve yelled more than you wanted to, the laundry is piling up, the kids are maniacs, and you’re late to every appointment and hit every bit of traffic. Huffing Stress Away and blasting Beyonce on repeat. Hang in there mamas. Only 3 hours until bedtime.”

// Script 3 // 

aka I am a guy that plays sports

*Photo: snap a photo of your sport equipment OR your bottle of Panaway OR use a LifeSteps photo

“Work out today has my muscles feeling tired. Post workout routine - panaway, peppermint, and copaiba. Feeling ready to go again tomorrow!”

Teaching Classes
Before I get into the nitty gritty, I want to talk to you about the importance of teaching classes regularly and consistently. This is what sets us apart from AAAAAALLLLLLL other businesses and especially network marketing companies. We don't host parties, we don't try to *just* sell things.. our mission has been and should always be to educate everyone we know so that THEY can make better decisions. The RESULT will be kit sales and essential rewards enrollments.

If you are just starting this business, and haven't taught a class yet.. this is where you start. Sharing on your social media or even in person a little bit is great, but you need to be sharing information with substance that will make people open their eyes to WHY they need Young Living in their lives via classes.

Ok, so let's talk about all aspects of teaching classes.


You want to invite anyone who has asked you about oils before or anyone who you've chatted with about oils. Also, feel free to invite people who you think would love or need or be interested in oils or the content of your class. The important thing to remember here is that you need to personally invite them through a phone call, a text message, or FB message. Don't just randomly send them a FB invite and never personally talk to them about it.

ALSO, don't think that you're shoving salesy stuff down their throat. Inviting someone to a class that is going to be amazing is not the same as cornering someone on the street and pressuring them to buy a set of encyclopedias.

Be excited and confident that you're sharing amazing information with them. They can and MIGHT say no, and that's good and OK. Don't be offended, they might just not be interested. Don't get defeated, and instead focus on the people who said YES! If you haven't gotten a YES yet, they will AS LONG AS YOU KEEP TEACHING!!

This is an example of a great personal invite: hiiiii ashley! gah, i can't stop thinking about that buffalo chicken dip you made at joe's pool party last month. it was so good haha i hope you're doing well and that the summer is going really well for you guys. I've been teaching a whole bunch of different classes about oils and young living products pretty much all summer and I'm teaching another one next week that I think you'd like. It's all about kids and oils and it's going to be great. it's online so you literally don't even have to wear pants to "go" to this class if you don't want to. haha this is the link! let me know if you have any questions before it starts, and I'll be sure to address them!


The amount of classes you teach will depend on how quickly you want to grow. If you have your sights set on RCD in the next 3-5 years, you will be teaching classes multiple times a week. That should look like AT LEAST 4-6 online classes or in-person classes or a combo of both PER MONTH to maintain ranks and 6-10 classes PER MONTH to rank up quickly and consistently. You can't have one class and expect to be silver or gold or above after one month. You will have classes where you enroll 10 new members and 4 of those hop on Subscription right away. But more often than not, you will have classes where no one shows up, where the only people who participate are your uplines or crosslines. That's all part of it.


Classes will not always result in new members, because teaching classes is more about proving that you are passionate about this, that you love learning, that you love sharing what you learn with people, and that you are committed to being a consistent educator. CONSISTENCY always wins. I can't begin to tell you how many people have enrolled with me because they wanted to be sure they were getting help from someone who would stick around and not just sell them something and waltz away to another co


You need to totally have these at your house NO MATTER WHAT. It doesn't matter if your house is small, dirty, filled with kids or animals. No excuses. Make your classes laid back, SIMPLE and don't be afraid to be relatable. You don't need to have a whole set up with fancy food or gorgeous decor. It's OK if your kids are there and your real life is exposed. Wanna know why? Because people want to see that they can do this themselves too. All you need is a starter kit and some notes.

Another really great thing that you should get confident in doing is asking to host a class for your new members. After they get their kit, let them know that you'd like to go to their house to open it up with them. Offer to bring some coffee/wine/tea and tell them to invite a few of their friends so they can see what you got and learn all about it too. Voila! You just invited yourself to a class.. at your friends house.. that they're hosting.. for their friends.. yay!


You need to make your classes something exciting or fun or personal that someone *wants* to go to. When you're sharing about your classes, you want to share a personal story that others can connect with so that they're actually want to go to your class. Be creative and gear your classes to what you know and love.. i.e. kids, non-toxic living, animals, traveling, etc.


This is actually a great advantage, because these people don't know you yet and want to get to know you. When they do that by you having them over to your house, you will be a product of the product and your new friends will want to learn all about this. When they start asking why you put some purification on your dogs collar or why you smell like stress away, you will talk to them about the starter kit and will INVITE THEM TO CLASSES!


Consistency is EVERYTHING! Online classes will and should be different for everyone. There are tons of templates and ideas (click this link to see them all), but your success will come from how personalized you make your online classes. Take the time to take your pictures (unless you will spend way too much time on that), take the time to read through the information (if you're using a template) and PERSONALIZE it. You can use apps like WordSwag and Over (my favorite) to create graphics. There's nothing worse than seeing a class that wasn't personalized and has stuff about AND PICTURES with Annie's kids and dogs. So don't be afraid to create YOUR OWN classes. People want to hear from YOU! Again, the templates are great but don't be afraid to get creative.

Still, the most important thing is to be consistent. Your goal is for sure trying to enroll new members, but it's more about putting out content regularly.

InstaStory Classes: These are some of the easiest to do! There is an endless supply of Instagram stories in the Lifesteps App. Save a few of these IG templates, pop them in your IG Stories, making sure to show you face every few slides, either with a selfie pic (overlaid with words) or by doing a story video to chat about the products you're sharing! Talk about what you are using them for, and elaborate on the slides.

Facebook Classes: So how do these online classes work? I didn't know when I first started. They are super simple. First off, you create a FB event about a month in advance to when you want the class to start. You pick the time and date, add a cute cover picture and a description of the class. Then you send invites to everyone you want to attend the class. You can post about the class and in the class as often as you want to create excitement, but you want to remember to hold off on putting the content in until the day of the class. The more excitement you drum up leading up to the class, the better the attendance, most likely. You will have created a series of posts and graphics and kept in a word document and folder on your computer or phone. On the day of the class, you will spend anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours uploading the individual posts every 2-5 minutes until all the content has been posted INTO the FB event page. Be sure to take the time to also go in and answer questions and respond to comments. It can be a bit crazy, but the feeling once it's over is so empowering! We have lots of these in our team Google Drive, but you can use tons of great content from the LifeSteps app to create some you might be more excited about. The wellness boxes are a great place to start in the app because the products are already organized by category and have resources to support them!


This is when you have people over to make something with their oils or YL products that they can take home with them afterwards. You STILL want to teach a short class BEFORE they start making stuff. You typically want to have a couple of items that people can choose from like rollers, bath salts, linen spray. You can ask for guests to pay a fee to cover the expense of the supplies, and waive that fee if they get a kit.

The pros to this are that you get to have people over and talk about oils and Young Living. Hopefully they want to buy a kit. But the cons are that you may have just replaced someone's excitement to try oils with the dissatisfaction that the ONE sleep roller they tried didn't work so now oils is off the table for them. Or they never intended on buying a kit at all. Also, don't make items that Young Living already makes, because people can just buy them and boost your OGV. For example, hand soaps, shampoos, laundry soap.


A time sensitive call to action/incentive is something that can help. Offer to credit their account or paypal them to cover the cost of shipping. Or better yet, ask them what other types of oils they're interested in and tell them to add it to their order and you cover the cost. This makes them signing up a bit easier, more attractive, and personalized.

Make the process super simple. You need to give them your sign up link as soon as you start talking about the kit and have started answering some questions. When someone is ready get their oils, you want to make it super easy for them to get their oils right there at that moment!
One final thing... we are all super worried about being salesy and coming off as inauthentic right? The only thing that will make this true is if you, yourself, are not being a product of the product. 

You're educating people and telling them that they should use all things young living.. so if you aren't doing it yourself, why should people buy in to what you're telling them to do? Now you're being salesy! 

You need to be transfer buying. If you're telling people how to max out their Loyalty order to earn the promos and freebies and how to get the most out of this lifestyle if YOU aren't doing this too. You can't talk about how amazing Ningxia is, if YOU aren't drinking Ningxia yourself. This doesn't mean that you are a bad person if you have chosen to not use the dish soap and laundry soap, but the point is that when people aren't lining up to hear what you have to say it miiiiiight be because they can sense you're inauthentic about it. You don't have to blow your entire monthly budget on every single product, but you need to figure out how to make it work to really start switching out the majority of things that you would normally get at Target or CVS or whole foods. If there's something you don't like, it's cool, you don't have to lie and say that you love it but you can totally tell them about a product and what it has done for others. 

Main point: be a product of the product and you will never be salesy a single day of your life
your turn
Understanding your power of influence is so important!!! We've walked through some logistics over the last few days, but I want you to really think about the objections (the bullet points) above. 
Have you believed some of the above assumptions?
What are some assumptions your enroller could have had about you that might have kept him/her from talking to you and kept you from this opportunity?

What are assumptions you are holding on to that are keeping you from reaching out to certain people or groups?

How can you move forward with action instead of waiting for something to happen to change the speed at which your circles are expanding?

Start consciously turning every objection your head gives you into a chance to switch it around and see opportunity. This is forming a new pattern for you that will be enormous in your transformation. Remember not to ask the why questions as you watch others growing (why are they growing faster, more successful, better at this), but instead ask the what and how questions of what you can learn and profit by in watching others.

Are you missing circle expansion opportunities by not asking your faithful product users if they have friends to refer to you (this can lead to incredible opportunities to show them how easy it would be to enroll those referrals themselves)?

What are some strong questions you are asking yourself about your circles of influence right now? Where are you shifting to see opportunity where before you saw obstacles?

"Make your list!" While this turn of phrase can easily take on a smarmy spin (now cold message everyone "hey girl, I have a product you should try!" << ewwww gross, don't do this)... in reality, making a list is a very important step in the process of growing a team.

You can find a Prospect Memory Jogger form in our team Google drive (under Business Tools). Sit down with this list and give yourself some time to think through people you know. 

You are NOT making a list of people to cold message with an obnoxious introduction to your products, but rather this is a way for you to make sure that you're connecting in a relational way to the people in your life who may value our products or business for themselves. 

"But Erin... what do I DO with this list???"
I got you. We'll talk all about Building Interest tomorrow!


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