Top 10 Products
Imagine that you are getting ready to open a little boutique store. You’re so excited. You love your idea, love what you’re selling, love your vibe and it fits with all the things you want more of in your life. You’re ready to invite your friends to look around. You set up your social media and tell them to follow you to hear about these wonderful products.
Your friends walk in the door. You have stocked with SIX HUNDRED products and you don’t know the names of half of them. You rotate the front shelves so there’s always something new displayed. It’ll take maybe five years to rotate everything through. On your social posts you’ll post about one and then another, six months later maybe that first one again, and they’re not even sure what you have. Remember 12 exposures or impressions it now often takes before someone makes a decision to purchase a product. So they might be exposed 12 times in a decade through you? Whew. No wonder business is slow. Or maybe no wonder they buy from a friend who got 12 impressions out lickety split.
What if we toned it down? Our friends and our teams see us repeatedly talking about the same things over and over again. These 10 are lifelines to us and nothing feels inauthentic because you can tell NingXia is just our coffee and they all relate to that and talk about it all the time too. It doesn’t seem overwhelming at all to use that roll-on everyday if they could get the emotional benefits you do. You’re busy and you never miss that supplement, maybe they ought to consider. That’s not a huge investment. We always have NingXia in our hands, Stress Away on our wrists, Master Formula in our bellies, and Genesis Lotion rubbed all over us and our kids.
Yes, we will use many others. My daily usage is probably more like 50 products. Yes, they’ll see them in our homes and around us. Yes, we’ll have events that incorporate others. Yes, we’ll share other testimonies at times. But what if we really honed in on those 10 for our consistent sharing? Learned everything about them. Read in the books, watched videos, learned about what the body does with them, found their emotional connections, built a document of testimonies from ourselves and others we could share from, found or took pictures that had those 10 and had them ready to go at a moment’s noticed. Yes, the kit can be one. Kept them in front of people in our IG stories, diffused and used at gatherings, passed out samples. Used EVERY DAY without fail. You and your BFF 10. Living your best life. Holding hands. Making it simple.
your turn
Start focused learning on your 10 products. Really go on the hunt to find fun facts, ingredients, usage, history, sources, maybe even distillation info. Try to find out everything you can so you know them inside and out.

Hunt down testimonies. Yours, your teams, others’, videos. See how many different situations in which you see them used. Start compiling a list you have ready to share.
Look in the LifeSteps app under Resources/Social Media Photos for photos or take some of your 10. Have them ready to share when you have a story or want to give an exposure.


Copyright Erin Rodgers