Customer Experience
Creating a quality Customer Experience is KEY for helping your friends enjoy their products and understand how to order MORE in the coming months. 

The Customer Account

Everyone joins Young Living with a Customer account, even if they plan to become a Brand Partner.  The majority of our friends and family will be very happy as a Customer because the perks are huge!

  • Customers have access to 24% off Young Living products. 
  • Customers can place orders at the frequency they desire using the Subscribe to Save (STS) program. If those STS orders are frequent enough (monthly) and large enough (over 50PV), they will also earn Loyalty Reward points for them. Yay!
At any time a Customer can choose to upgrade their account to Brand Parter by purchasing the $30 Business Essentials Kit. This makes them eligible to earn commissions on any referrals they bring in to Young Living!

Helping your friends become a Customer is simple! 
You can either send them your personal referral link (available in your account at or send them to the Young Living website with your account number to use in the referral blanks.

  • When a customer joins with a product (or products) with a total order under 100pv, they pay retail price. They can later unlock the wholesale 24% discount for 12 months by placing a 100pv order or setting up a Loyalty Rewards order.
  • When a customer joins with a product order of at least 100 pv -OR- with at least one item on Subscriptions, they immediately unlock the 24% discount for the next 12 months. 
Regardless of their discount rate, they will be classified as a Customer on your team.

Brand Partners, you can view your downline/team in the Downline Viewer found in the virtual office ( or you can refer to the free YL Insights app.

Make sure you know all about the Loyalty Rewards program too! 

Customer Follow-Up

Possibly the most vital step in the entire process is the follow-up. I think we get caught not wanting to turn our friendly or casual relationships into what I call “transactional” relationships, but the end result is that we avoid awkward interactions and sometimes avoid ALL interaction!

Don’t let all your hard work evaporate! You spent time talking to them, working with them, and helped them jump in with products that have the potential to change their circumstances. Stick it out with them!

There are many, many ways to do this well, but here are a few suggestions. 

  • Send a text or message to your new Customer, thanking them for their purchase (the Thank You postcards in the Oil Supply Store are great for this too!).
  • Send them any pertinent details about social media groups to join
  • Have them grab the app (encourage them to take the Wellness Assessment from the top menu right away!
  • Let them know where to find their Customer referral link in case any friends or family want to try something too. 
Send a proper welcome in the mail! I love to use welcome kits from that contain booklets showcasing all the products in Young Living. This gives them a beautiful overview of ways to use oils and other products from YL. They come in several variations based on the booklet & resources you want to send your new Customer. 

By this time they should have all their products on hand and it’s a great chance to check in! Ask questions like “what’s your favorite...” or “have you tried ___ yet?” Is there anything they haven’t used yet? Mention something you’ve ordered recently that they might love. 

Continue to touch base with your Customers on a regular basis! Ask what questions they might have. Let them know about upcoming classes or educational events, including classes you’re hosting for other Customers. Any time you have the chance to meet their needs with education, do it! 

As you continue doing research for yourself and learn something new, share it with your Customers.

Ask them if they will host a class! Encourage them to share their successes with friends and family and always remind them of their referral link.


Copyright Erin Rodgers