Stock Your Store
Let's talk about stocking your store. I can't even believe the opportunity we have in front of us and are able to offer others in this area. It's truly unlike any other. With brick and mortar businesses, the risk is so high, the overhead daunting, the stress taxing beyond belief. Any of you who have built and run businesses know and understand this and have the battle scars to prove it.
In a very recent article, experts added up everything needed such as space, inventory, tech for sales, legal setup, insurance, business plan, operating expenses, and more to get you started with a retail boutique. They came to this conclusion if you are not opening in a prime location like a major city. "Getting started without knowing the costs to expect may put you in the red sooner than you anticipated. So, how much does it cost to start a retail store? The average costs for starting a store – around $100,000." And I'm hoping you have an investor who is giving you some runway because it's going to take a good while before you see any black in that ledger.
Do you have $100K lying around to wager on a high-risk investment (and definitely be prepared to work some INSANE hours)? I know I didn't. But I had $160 to buy my original starter kit.

But wait, the risk keeps shrinking. That wasn't just what it took to invest -- I didn't buy an empty box and some hope... It was a purchase of products that changed everything for my family. So even if nothing came of sharing the oils, you still basically stole a diffuser and a bunch of the best oils in the world and you get to use every drop, not fill a shed with a bunch of inventory you'll never get rid of.

Hang on, I'm not finished. We haven't talked overhead yet.
Overhead costs would be money that absolutely has to be spent in order to keep operating. What is that number in this business? $100 a month. Yeah, that's the right amount of zeros. But once again, you actually aren't risking that money because it buys things you need, things that are already in your budget and your life, not shed fillers. Toothpaste, supplements, deodorant, lotions, shampoo, baby and kid products, pet supplies, ointments, remedies…cereal for heaven's sake. Literally move the spending from another store that makes you impulse-buy purple nail polish and oreos to a box that shows up on your doorstep, provides health, and serves as your only absolutely required investment in your business. And you know what? Even to get my 6-figure monthly paycheck today, that number doesn't change. That's still my required investment for a paycheck. So wild.
I'm not finished. I know, it's getting ridiculous. IF you move enough products over, we have at least those 10 products we are using daily, remember, and we start spending $190, $250, $300 a month, Young Living starts pouring on the extra gifts. Often the free items equal $100-$200+ in retail value each month. They're also giving us 10%, 20%, 25% back in points depending on how long we've ordered to invest back into our health, team, or to give away, and topping it off with loyalty gifts. It's like they are determined to give everything away. 6 years since I bought my kit and I'm still marveling at all of this. Still telling everyone who will listen how great it is.
You can invest in your business, invest in your family, invest in your health, invest in your growth all at once with no risk. You can't lose because you are transforming regardless of your results in one particular area. You are getting stronger, learning people and networking skills that will help you in any business, and growing into your purpose. You are equipping your body and mind, not only for this, but for all of those things you want more of in your life.
Get your 10 products that you're going to focus on sharing and all the others you use for your family on your Essential Rewards order, and start telling the people around you what an amazing investment this is with complete confidence. Then, let's turn that investment into that $500-$1,000 a month you need to move forward into the next phase of your business.


Okay so getting those 10 products you need is actually really easy. Let me walk you through it. First, print this PDF.

Did you realize that all the things you are already buying, like toothpaste, laundry soap, hand soap, lotion, cough drops, supplements, granola bars, pancake mix, vitamins, skincare…
Young Living MAKES THOSE!

Except they are way healthier for you, filled with the GOOD stuff, safe ingredients - the ones you can pronounce - all while you could be saving money AND getting other products you want to try for FREE.

We call this transfer buying, because no need to spend MORE money- you are just spending it in a different place- on the things that are way better for you and your family. (So simple and smart!) Transfer buying is for EVERYONE. It's making the choice to do better, now that ya know better (cause now ya know!)

Where to start???

Of all the health changes to make- this is the MOST IMPORTANT- Kick “fragrance” to the curb

When you see ‘fragrance’ on a personal care product's label, just read it as ‘hidden chemicals.’ Why should you care? This is a major loophole in the FDA's federal law that allows manufacturers to include nearly ANY ingredient (even toxic ones) in their products under the name ‘fragrance’ without ACTUALLY LISTING the chemical. ‹‹‹— just keep re-reading that until it sinks in. THAT IS RIDICULOUS.

Scary fact:

Many ingredients in "Fragrances" are KNOWN carcinogens as well as endocrine and reproductive disrupters (decreased sperm counts, birth defects, hormone disruption) and these 'fragrances' may also contribute to kidney and liver damage. Oh, and are you or your child an asthma sufferer? You just might wanna google the link between asthma and synthetic fragrance.

 We all just want the best for our families, and this kind of deception makes me so sad for the millions of men and women who think they are buying safe "clean" products and emptying their pockets to do so! Let's ditch and switch them now- and opt for a safe, clean, plant based product that shows up at your door monthly!

(Want to learn more about overhauling the products in your home? Grab the Simply Home book from - it's also a great resource to teach from! The Clean Home Sheets go along with it nicely!)
your turn
Start focused learning on your 10 products. Really go on the hunt to find fun facts, ingredients, usage, history, sources, maybe even distillation info. Try to find out everything you can so you know them inside and out.

Hunt down testimonies. Yours, your teams, others’, videos. See how many different situations in which you see them used. Start compiling a list you have ready to share.
Look in the LifeSteps app under Resources/Social Media Photos for photos or take some of your 10. Have them ready to share when you have a story or want to give an exposure.


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