There is an unprecedented movement toward healthy lifestyles happening in our country today. Families are cleaning up their nutrition, making an intentional effort to be active, and carefully considering the ingredients in their health and beauty products, cleaning supplies, & supplements. Young Living has oil-infused solutions for all of these concerns (and more!). Incorporating Young Living products in your home is a wise first step toward claiming wellness for yourself and your loved ones! 

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who we are
Our team is called the JoyDroppers, so you'll see that "lingo" used occasionally. We are a community of individuals and families from all stages of life. Together we gather to encourage one another as we take steps into the world of holistic health & home. Whether you're fully engaged on clean eating & living or just grabbed a bottle of lavender in the hopes of better sleep... we're here for you and we are so glad you've joined us!

community & connection!
Facebook group // Essential Exchange - JoyDroppers Product Discussion - our general product education group. We have a team of Educators who are providing quality education to the team on a variety of topics, daily! This is the place to be!

Connect with weekly education on Zoom! Our team product education calls happen on Thursday nights at 8pm Eastern (6pm Mtn) and you'll find one of our amazing leaders training on a product line or health need -- come ready with a notepad because these calls aren't recorded! All the information (and past recordings) can be found here:  

Download our team app! It's called the LifeSteps App and it's a fantastic way to get information any time of the day or night! Download here: - log in with your Young Living account information and I highly recommend you take a Wellness Assessment first -- from the home screen click on the top account menu and you'll see "Wellness Assessment" in the list - this is a great way to learn about our products and what might best suit your needs for your next order!

Classes over TEXT - we have a TON of classes you can snag right through texts! Click here to learn more: Classes by Text

Product Education
In addition to joining our Facebook group and grabbing the team app (both links are above!!) - here are a few other tips for getting the most out of your product purchase!

The THREE MOST COMMON FIRST ORDERS are listed below. Click the link to learn more about your products if this is what YOU grabbed first from Young Living!!

01. Essential Oils Premium Starter Bundle - our 12 most popular Essential Oils and a beautiful diffuser (click here to open this in the LifeSteps App!)

02. NingXia Red - This delicious daily supplement (it's a juice!) provides high levels of powerful antioxidants while boosting energy. Life changing and amazing, this drink is #1 is one we won't ever be without! (click here to open this in the LifeSteps App!)

03. Thieves Home Products - One of the easiest ways to make maximum impact for your family is by cleaning up your cleaning products! Harness the cleaning power of the Thieves Essential Oil blend by using the Thieves line of home products throughout your house! Making these simple switches will not only clean your house effectively, but also supports your body’s wellness at the same time! (click here to open this in the LifeSteps App!)

These products can be grabbed at any time, so don't worry if you see something you want and didn't get it! Our recommendations for starting with either of these products can be found here:
At ANY time when you're ready to order or reorder products, you can go to to shop. If you have any questions about accessing your account or placing an order (maybe you lost your account number or have a question?), feel free to text us: (865) 248-5528
Want to try something fun in your next order? Below you'll find our team's top FIFTEEN products. These consistent favorites are the items we keep on reorder month after month!

Sidenote :: the very best way to place regular orders is through the Loyalty Rewards program. Click here to learn more about how to get 10-25% back on each order!

Click the items below to learn more!

(oh mannnnn... this is so hard because I want to tell you about so many other things!!! I didn't even get to Purification Essential Oil, Master Formula Supplement, our amazing Bloom Skincare anti-aging line, RC Essential Oil, and the CBD line of products... eek!)
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