Did you know that we have a whole bunch of classes available via text message?!? We sure do, and we're adding new ones all the time! 
Text a keyword below to 865-248-5528 to receive each class. I highly recommend NOT texting each keyword, but doing one class at a time -- otherwise your phone will be flooded with info & you won't be able to digest the info well! 

BOOKMARK THIS PAGE. We have a bunch of classes here, but you don't need them all today! Scan this page, pick a class, and then text over to grab it. You can always bookmark this page & come back to it when you're ready for the next class. 

(text the keyword in caps to (865) 248-5528 with with no
 additional characters or letters please!)

ANXIETY // 5 texts over 3 days with tips for anxiety

AUTUMN // Fall tips - 9 texts in 30 minutes

BUDGET // Oils on a budget - 11texts in 15 minutes

CANDLES // 5 texts over 30 minutes with Fall candle swap ideas

CLEAN // DIY cleaning recipes - 11 texts over 5 days

DIFFUSER BLENDS // 1 text daily for 10 days 

EMOTIONS // 10 texts over 1 hour with tips for emotions

FEEL THE LOVE // 6 messages over 30 min with romance tips

GREAT DAY // 5 texts over 30 minutes - Great Day protocol 

GREENWASHING // 6 messages over 1 day

GUTNOW // 13 messages about gut health over 2 hours

IMMUNE //  1 texts over 2 days

KIDDOS // 4 texts over 15 minutes

LOVE // Love & romance DIY recipes over 3 days

NINGXIA // 5 posts over 20 minutes 

RED // 9 posts about NingXia Red over 120 min

REST //7 texts over 3 days with sleep tips

SAVINGS // 7 messages over 3 days

SCHOOL // Back to school - 7 messages over 1 hour

SUMMER FUN // 9 texts over 40 minutes

SUPPLEMENTS // 9 texts over 1 hour 

SWAPS // printable Spring Cleaning cheat sheet 

TIPS // One weekly tip about wellness with YL products 

ZOOM // Reminders about our weekly Zoom calls
(text the keyword in caps to (865) 248-5528 with with no 
additional characters or letters please!)

90DAYS // 90 days of social media prompts

GROW // 5-day series of texts about how to be a Brand Partner with YL (and how to earn $150+ each month).

BRANDPARTNER // to get your referral link & more info on becoming a Young Living Brand Partner

CONFIDENCE // How to enroll with confidence

MENTORSHIP // 30 day business mentorship

START NOW // 28 days of social media prompts 

(text the keyword in caps to (865) 248-5528 with with no 
additional characters or letters please!)

CONVENTION // Text to be on our list to receive updates about Young Living convention

CLASSROOM // Text to receive details about our local events & classes here in Knoxville, TN 

BELIEVE // Text to receive info about upcoming Believe & Simply Wellness events

ZOOM // Reminders about our weekly Zoom calls.
LifeSteps App
Get started the right way with on-time tasks and a huge library of resources to guide you along the way – all available in our mobile app.

Make sure you've download the LifeSteps app and have it on your phone! 

You can also upgrade to the PRO account (for just a few bucks a month) where you'll get tons of graphics & downloads and business courses to run through at your leisure.

Business tools include:
+ Professional Website
Stock Notifications
PRO Courses
Contacts (import your enrollments & get tasks for them!)
Social Media Graphics
Content Sharing (fast and easy learning links for your team!)
Weekly Zoom Calls
Looking for weekly content exclusive for our team? Touch base with our weekly zoom calls! We've been doing these for years and you've also got access to all recordings from these calls.

Products Calls (sample topics)
  • Foundations of Health
  • Restful Sleep
  • Oils & Babies
  • Swimsuit Season
  • Enzymes: Building Blocks of Life
  • Raindrop Technique
  • Cooking with Oils
  • ...(and hundreds more!)
Business Chat (sample topics)
  • Social Media Tips
  • Goalsetting, Referrals, and Stats to Follow
  • LifeSteps App Tips
  • Inviting Others
  • Followup
  • Finding your Niche
  • Planning your Calendar
  • ...(and hundreds more!)
Facebook Groups
Also, make sure you're part of our team Facebook Groups!! You will need your Young Living account number to access these groups (so we can verify you're part of our team!), so grab that real quick!

PRODUCT USERS // Essential Exchange
For information on using your oils & supplements from Young Living, as well as pop-up classes, live videos, and wellness-related content, join the Essential Exchange! 

BRAND PARTNERS // JoyDropper Builders
Interested in getting your monthly product order paid for? Want some wiggle room in your family budget? Looking for some game-changing income? We're nonstop training and cheering you on over in the Builders group!
Here's a direct link: 


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