Join us for one hour each week and we will work together! We will go through 3-5 tasks and set the timer for each task. Then we will come together to chat quickly about what worked and what didn’t. Be amazed at how much you can crank out in one hour, and I promise to have the best play list rolling during our working windows!

💻 MONDAYS | 1:30pm Eastern (11:30 Mtn)
Meeting ID:  849 8782 1313
Password: joydropper (all lowercase)

Coaching, support, community, strategies, ideas, FUN! Bring your questions for me! Grab your favorite beverage, some snacks, and let’s chat! Grow yourself + and your business - and by all means…..have fun doing it!

💻 TUESDAYS | 11 am Eastern (9am Mtn)
Meeting ID: 862 9948 9571
Password: joydropper (all lowercase)

Our community has combined decades of experience to share about health, oils, how the body works, emotions, supplements, and nutrition. We want to come alongside you and guide you through the world of natural health so you can thrive & experience results as well! Come join us for different health and product topics, testimonials, and tips to simplify your health journey!

💻 THURSDAYS | 8:00pm Eastern (6:00PM Mtn)
Meeting ID: 849 7842 2186
Password: joydropper (all lowercase)

  • July 28  - Back to School
  • August 4 - Oils for Academics
  • August 11 - Blood Sugar
  • August 18 - Homesteading 
  • August 25 - Pelvic Floor Health

Stay on with us after the Health & Home call! We also want to guide you through the flexible income opportunity that has helped us afford these options for our families and has allowed us to grow businesses that have changed our ability to design our lives and time around our priorities.

💻 THURSDAYS | 8:30 pm Eastern (6:30 pm Mtn)
Meeting ID: 849 7842 2186
Password: joydropper (all lowercase)

  • July 28  - Belief
  • August 4 - Sneak Peek at being a Brand Partner
  • August 11 - Maximizing Social Media
  • August 18 - Maximizing Instagram
  • August 25 - Maximizing Pinterest


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