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Meeting ID: 862 0347 8769
Password for all: TeamZoom

Intro to Oils, April 6th @ 9:00PM ET: "Lifestyle Refresh"
Do you feel like your health and home need a refresh? Exhausted from a cycle of feeling less than your best? Join us to hear the ways we choose thriving wellness with some simple steps you can take to make changes for your family!

Intro to Biz, April 6th @ 9:30PM ET: "Spring into a New Opportunity"
Invite a friend and take a look at an opportunity to ease the stress of the growing strain on our budgets as we move into 2023. With growing food costs and unexpected expenses, why not create an extra stream of income for your family this year?

Mini Master Class, April 13th @ 9:00PM ET: "Daily Health Habits"
Walk through a day with five simple, effective habits that take you minutes to do and cause major changes in your life. If you keep saying something has to change for your physical, emotional, and mental health and yet you can't seem to ever truly get started, this call is for you!

Intro to Biz, April 20th @ 9:00PM ET: "Let's Prep for May!"
Join us next month as we create a wave of in person and online classes on the topic of Summer Skin with an introduction to the personal care options available from Young Living! We'll have everything you need and walk you through exactly how to teach, share, and be involved in our monthly challenge!

Mini Master Class, April 27th @ 9:00PM ET: "Seasonal Relief"
Spring is a season of beauty and new life, but for many it is also miserable and a time to hide away sneezing and avoiding contact with the outside world. Come hear our tips and tricks for not only surviving but thriving during these beautiful, flowering months!


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