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The October Zoom Call

The question in today’s world isn’t really IF you have hormonal issues but which ones.

(written by my friend Courtney) - I’m 43 years old and just had my 9th baby last year, experienced initial unexplained infertility and five miscarriages over a decade ago, have a teenage and tween daughter, and have worked with thousands of women over the last decade on their health. My cycle is due to start today, but I never know if it’s coming because they’re completely pain and symptom free.

I have a discovery I had never heard anyone else teach until I was researching for a class about your cycle and what it can tell you about your overall health that I’ll be sharing tonight!
Your hormones affect absolutely every area of your health and life.
Emotional instability
Anger and rage
Ability to think
Brain fog
Weight loss
Cycle problems
Hot flashes
Skin issues
We could go on for days.

And I have answers that I have seen work. I get messages every week from women whose lives are completely different because of what we learned together. If you want some answers, this Zoom call is your chance to hear more!

This could be the change you’ve been looking for!


We are so excited to make some FUN and FRESH Zoom changes this month!!! Starting this month we will be teaching ONE power-packed Zoom the final Thursday of each month on the class topic for the month.


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