Young Living already has an incredibly generous compensation plan, but this summer they’ve done something even bigger, and added an amazing bonus on called Cultivate & Grow, which gives you the ability to earn up to an additional $600 in bonuses in May AND June. This is on top of the current bonuses - so let’s get started on helping you make an additional $900 this month, and hey, let’s do it again in June too!

What would $1,800 do for your family this summer?

Every single person who becomes a customer with Young Living has the option to share, via a referral link. When you share that referral link, you can get paid!

The first step is to grab a Business Essential Kit (Item #: 35191) - it is $29.95 and put together specifically to walk you through the basics of this business!

If you are a current customer - grab your Business Essentials Kit and you’re good to go! If you are brand new (YAY!) - make sure to grab your friend’s referral link so you can be connected to our JoyDroppers community.

Now, grab your referral link! Log into your account at Young Living, and click Share YL
Copy that custom link and keep it safe in your phone for easy access.

As people order through your referral link, you'll get paid! 
The best way to help people get started is with one of our Starter Bundles, which gives you $50 commission each! 
The Starter Bundles are the most bang for anyone's buck and highly discounted so new customers can try a lot of different products at a great value. 

Hot Tip: Set up Direct Deposit so your dolla dolla bills go right into your bank on payday! (Virtual Office / My Account / My Profile)

Yup, it’s that simple. Share your link, get paid.

And, if you have a friend who just wants some products, or to create their own custom order - that is cool too! 
You can still earn the Cultivate & Grow bonuses, and you’ll earn and additional 25% commission as well.
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