SESSIONS AVAILABLE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Check the link below for available health scan sessions.

The Zyto is the only FDA cleared Wellness Scanner using biocommunication. It's a hand cradle you lay your palm on, which connects to my computer, and emits a galvanic skin response to your body... essentially using frequency to ask your body "questions" and determine which body systems are in distress or balance.

Because I also have it connected to a Young Living database, it'll make product suggestions and I can use my own education as a Certified Natural Health Professional to guide you and help explain the findings.

💫 The scan and analysis is $45 unless you're a member of the JoyDroppers team (one of my personal customers or a customer within our JoyDroppers group).
💫 For JoyDropper members, the scan is $10. The fee is completely waived if you're a team member ordering through Loyalty Rewards. 
💫 If you want me to help you set up a Young Living account following your scan, the $45 would be waived then.

Cash or Venmo will be taken at the time of your scan.

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