Why Essential Oils?
To start today's content, I want to drop a video link for you. It is not necessary for you to watch it right this minute, but I promise you'll want to come back to this.

This is my friend Dr Jim Bob Haggerton and he's one of my favorite educators in Young Living. He's great at breaking down science-y stuff and making it understandable for the less science-y of us. 

So… you decided to give oils a go. And now you want to know: 
1. Are these things safe? Can I actually use them on myself, my kids, and my family?
2. Do they actually DO anything?

Let us tell you our TOP reasons why you, your husband, your kids, your 
neighbor, dog, aunt, teacher, coach, frienemy, chiropractor, rabbit, and Justin Timberlake should ALL be using essential oils.

This is "soak up the knowledge" info for you. Don't try to duplicate this and send it out on facebook or anything (woah talk about info overload? eek. don't do that!) - just let this be all about your own personal education. Focus on LEARNING today.

1. Essential oils can bypass digestion.

This works when you are diffusing the oils or using them topically. Without aromatic or topical use, you’re relying fully on your digestive system (no matter how good or not-so-good it is, to process everything for you. Give that tummy a break, I say!) The chances of you taking something in orally, and fully digesting it are slim. So let’s bypass that, shall we?

Here’s what you really need to know: Your body will experience positive changes from using essential oils whether your gut is perfect or not! Bada-bing, bada-boom, baby!!!!

2. Essential oils are fat soluble.

What the heck does that mean and why is it important? BECAUSE! When you put a drop of oil on your skin and rub it in, it DISAPPEARS! You don’t see it on your skin, you don’t see it on your fingers, it’s. just. gone. Like magic, my friends.

Why?? Because underneath your skin, there is a little fatty bi-layer that soaks it right up like a sponge, and shoots it all into the bloodstream so it can get to work. 

FUN FACT: It takes your body only 20 minutes to get oil: into your body, into your bloodstream, taking care of business, changing all the frequencies it needs to (whoa whoa, more on that later!), and then out of your system. Twenty minutes, y’all!

Now take note! If your body is battling, and you’re fighting to help it stay above the wellness line (aka: healthy and operating perfectly, as it should), this means that you may want to apply oils continuously throughout your day to keep everything in a good place.

Okay, and another good note to make: Essential oils, herbs, and supplements are NOT medication.  

They are natural substances to help your body do what it was made to do. The reason you only need to take some medications once a day or once every 12 hours… that’s because it’s an artificial fix to a natural problem. It artificially, synthetically changes the body in a direction that the body was not going to go on its own.

With oils, herbs & supplements you are SUPPORTING the body and cheering it on to do what it was going to do in the first place! 

There is no need to medicate yourself with essential oils. YES, they can help the body to work better! And if you help the body to work better, some things will go away naturally because that’s what the body is made to do. We were created to have 100% function. Essential oils help in pushing you, and keeping your body normal!


Okay, tangent OVER!

3. Essential oils cross the blood-brain barrier.

The blood-brain barrier is a literal barrier, or coating, around the nervous system and around the brain, to keep toxins and junk out of it. It works HARD to keep the yucky things from reaching the most important part of your body – your brain. You can NOT live without the nervous system (your brain and your spinal cord), so we’ve gotta protect that bad boy!

Now, get this! The cell particles of essential oils are SO TEENY TINY and SO VERY POWERFUL, that they can cross right through the blood-brain barrier, through the blood vessels and capillaries, over the river & through the woods, and drive themselves right into your body quicker and more completely. This. Is. WILD. 

There is an outer wall that keeps attackers out (it’s called your skin! Or your mucous membrane, like around your eyes). This wall fights off any invaders, until…. something gets through that first line of defense. Then comes the next layer of warriors that are there to protect you. At each layer, the defending army of your body moves back to the next layer and continues fighting off the invaders.

Now the army that’s trying to attack narrows down further and further, giving the defenders more time to weaken the attacking army. This happens ring upon ring until the VERY LAST layer. That’s where the king (your brain & spinal cord) stays, hiding in that central tower behind all the layers of defense. If the attackers are trying to get through each layer, they better REALLY want that king. Because the whole way in, they’re going to be beaten down, weakened and damaged by your defending army as they fight to get that king. 

Let’s say a specific foreign invader gets into your body and you get sick. So you start showing symptoms. Once you have the symptoms, that foreign invader is WAY weaker than it would have been had you not had all those layers of defense! 

We did a little research. We headed to CDC.gov and looked at several diseases. Almost every single one of them says “most commonly presents itself as a common cold.” You know why? Because your body naturally fought off something that could have been bigger and worse… and it fought so hard that the only thing those invaders had to show for themselves in the end was a measly little cold. That’s hardocore, and I love it.

Anyway, in the end, your king is safe!

Summary: Oils cross the blood-brain barrier so their wonderful power can get deep into your system neurologically, and affect every system of the body QUICKLY.

4. Essential oils work off of FREQUENCIES.

Did you know?? Every single living thing has a different vibrational frequency. Every plant, tree, even water. Every cell in your body, your stomach cells, your liver cells… they ALL have a different frequency and they are all literally vibrating.

NOW there has been a ton of scientific research done on plants and essential oils, so Young Living knows the vibrational frequency of each plant/oil. They ALSO have researched how the body’s cells function off of different frequencies. SO, they match the plants that help to stimulate and support that part of the body to create specific changes. Based on that, they use oils and create blends to help your body to operate exactly as it is supposed to!

That’s why you can have an oil called JOY. Because they know that the frequencies of these specific plants/oils in that blend work with the right parts of the body to:
-support emotional well-being
-give a feeling of happiness
-promote a more joyful outlook
-calm down
-reduce normal daily stressors

Scientifically, the oil is helping your body to experience joy! This is so, so fun for me to understand. Are you loving this??

The cells oscillate, hit another cell, and pass it on down the line… this is what’s happening! It’s literally vibration. And it’s PHYSICS. Nothing crazy or spooky or woo-woo is happening here, friends. It’s just physics. :)

5. Essential oils are adaptogenic.

Adaptogenic means that essential oils can change and adapt to what the body needs, because it’s a natural substance. It does for my body what MY body needs, and for your body what YOUR body needs.

Oils are a natural, living thing used to help your body work better. To work AS IT SHOULD.

Let’s say that we open up a bottle of Lavender together. For me, it might calm me down and make me want to take a nap. You might get a little burst of energy! This happens because the oil is adapting and doing what your body needs it to do for you.

Maybe for my body, I need extra support in normal estrogen delivery. And maybe your body needs to regulate and support the adrenal glands. Guess what? We can potentially use the SAME thing because the oil adapts!

Now here’s the other part of adaptogenic!

The essential oil you are using is not going to go past what the body needs. If you are supporting a certain organ in the body, imagine a vertical line that represents NORMAL. Maybe you are to the right of that line. The oil is going to do what it needs to do to bring you back to center. Maybe you are to the left of that normal line. It will do what it needs to bring you back to center.

It’s like a really nice friend guiding you through a maze with a blindfold on. Not the mean kind of friend that crashes you into things for their own entertainment.

Once you are on your NORMAL line, it just stops! You are not going to artificially drive the body in a bad direction. Because they are a natural substance and the frequency has done all that it needs to do, the body will stop accepting it.

It creates BALANCE to your body’s pendulum. So swing on! Oils have got your back.

6. Essential oils work in Therapy Localization

This one blows my mind. Get ready! Let’s say that I grab my Deep Relief to support normal soft tissue in my shoulder. I topically use my hand to apply the oil and rub it in. There is a neurological phenomenon that happens when I TOUCH my shoulder (or any part of my body). It’s called Therapy Localization.

When I touch a specific part of the body, it tells my brain that I want it to work harder on that spot. The second I touch that part of my body, my brain IMMEDIATELY pays attention, starts rushing blood to the area, it opens up the vessels in that area, turns the nerves on in that area… it tells the body “HEY! FOCUS HERE!”

Go nervous system, go!

Say you want to support your thyroid with EndoFlex oil, so we tell you to rub it over your throat. We don’t do that to be cute. We don’t do that because it makes the oil get there any faster. We do it because we want to use therapy localization to alert your brain and remind it “hey, I know you’re dealing with 20 trillion bits of information per second, but this is where I’d like you to focus for a sec.”

It’s always kind to give your brain a heads up 😉

So now by touching your body, you’re stimulating the nervous system intensely. And awesomely.  

You can also do this to someone else! Grab some Frankincense and apply it to your husband’s spine to keep his back feeling great. You’ve reminded his brain to focus there!

FUN FACT: Every square inch of skin on your body contains AT LEAST 19,000 nerve endings. Get the oil on 3 square inches of skin, and you’ve reached 57,000 nerve endings!

What is a nerve ending, you ask??? It’s where the nerve attaches, and sends information from the body’s outer areas toward the brain. They are receptor sites for your skin..

Okay so check this out! When you’re dealing with daily stressors, junk, toxins, bad emotional stress… anything that stresses your body, your receptor sites get damaged!

So now the signal and information that was supposed to pass through the receptor site to talk to your brain and tell your body how to work? Well, a baaaad game of telephone happens here, and something goes awry. It doesn’t happen as smoothly or quickly, or as WELL as it should.


7. Essential oils clean receptor sites.

Oils are made up of some chemical constituents called phenols, monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes. You know what they do? They CLEAN the receptor sites on our cells! They shine ‘em up like a good ol’ Karate Kid. (Wax on… wax off…)

When there was junk on that receptor site, the brain couldn’t send a signal to the body to tell it what to do. OR the brain can’t process the information that your body is receiving.

For example, if you touch a hot stove and your brain can’t quickly figure out if it’s hot, then Houston, we’ve got a problem.

So let’s clean ‘em up with oils!

8. Essential oils are safe. And easy to use!

It’s easy, you guys. I promise. As you first start to use oils, start slowly just like you would with anything! For your kiddos, grab some coconut oil to dilute it, or use fewer drops in the diffuser to get started. But Young Living oils are SAFE! Use them!

Put a drop onto your skin. Breathe it in. Diffuse it.

Hey, on that note…. 

9. Essential oils can be used through multiple applications.

Can’t stand the smell of an oil? Apply it to your feet instead! Don’t like using one on your skin? Diffuse it!

There are THREE applications of therapeutic-grade essential oils. You need to know that PURITY MATTERS! Young Living has what is called the Seed-to-Seal promise to ensure that what the oil says on the label is actually inside the bottle.

In fact, less than 30% of what is produced actually gets used because if it’s not absolute perfection and completely pure, they don’t give it to us! They put it back into production for fertilizer and things. It HAS to live up to their therapeutic-grade standards.

This is why we choose Young Living. Their quality simply can’t be beat!
Pretty good stuff, huh?

Personal Reflection:
Did you watch Jim Bob’s video? Go do that! Put it on in your car and listen to it while you’re picking up your kids at car line or hit play while folding some laundry!
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Take notes on that video, friend!


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