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Here is a guide to our favorite books on essential oils - you’'ll find recipes, DIY, protocols, safety, pregnancy, children, science, chemistry, hormones, and so much more!

You’ll also find a guide to our favorite oil accessories! Rollers, dropper bottles, DIY containers, and ingredients.

Use the shop link below to see everything, or click on each individual photo for a direct link. Check back often, as it’s updated frequently!


Before you get ANY other book - make sure you order a Field or Home reference guide here! (We used to call these Pocket/Desk references, but the terminology has changed slightly. The larger Desk Reference is now a Home Guide. The smaller Pocket Reference is now a Field Guide) This is the most important book you will own! 

Home Reference // "With decades of scientific research, the Home Reference is your trusted resource of protocols for essential oils and so much more!  This 994-page all-inclusive guide provides the most comprehensive education available on essential oils, wellness products, and healthy techniques. This book is HUGE!  It has it all!  The spiral binding allows pages to open completely and lie flat, enabling you to read and make notes effortlessly. Coated pages help to keep your copy resilient, even with oily fingers. There's full-bleed color-coding with tabs of the six main sections which makes the Essential Oils Complete Home Reference easy to use."

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When our team first started growing, I saw the need for beautiful, printed resources that could be given out to prospective customers or held to teach from. The original brochure has grown into a robust line of educational books and tear-sheets (like tear-off brochures!), as well as postcards and other fun products.

Most of the items are under the "Simply" name. 
  • Simply Wellness // a book explaining essential oils, all the major product lines of Young Living, and usage guides by topic (such as Breathe, Kids, Fitness, Energy, etc). This book is also found in our best-selling Welcome Kit - the box with everything your customers need to get started! 
  • Simply Home // an easy booklet to help your friends get started in a clean home overhaul. The first few pages explain how toxins affect your body (bioaccumulation and endocrine damage), then lists specific toxins to avoid, and the rest is full of simple swaps to make it easy for everyone to make changes.
  • Simply Her // a beautiful, simple guide to women's hormones and how to begin supporting the body naturally
  • Simply Beauty // all about skincare and makeup from Young Living! Great for teaching a beauty class or learning more for your own personal use!
  • Simple Uses // focusing in on 30 of the most popular essential oils, this booklet is full of hundreds of oil uses including dozens of DIY recipes, all designed to make Essential Oil usage simple at home.
  • Simply Share // The ultimate guide to getting started with the business side of Young Living, this guide to being a YL Brand Partner is easy to understand and walk through at your own pace.
Tear Sheets are the perfect educational tool. Use them to teach a class (like a script!), drop one in the mail for a new member to learn about what YL has to offer, send one with a thank you note, or even laminate and display one at your next vendor event! They're sold in packs of 25 so you have tons to use and share! Current Sheet styles include: CBD overview, Clean Home with Thieves, Essential Oils, Get Rolling (roller recipes), Subscription & Loyalty Points, Tween Years, & YL At a Glance.

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And because you're a JoyDropper friend shopping through this link... use the code JD10 for 10% off your order. Happy to help you fill your cart with goodness every day of the year!
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