This summer we’re breaking it down into the basics. Cindy Haggerton, Erin Rodgers, and Paige Williams are joining forces, y'all. We’re creating a summer of LOVIN and we’re going to help you 
  • LOVE social media, 
  • LOVE the people around you, 
  • LOVE your products, and 
  • LOVE the balance in your life.
And we’re going to show you how to do it in a short pocket of time. 15 minutes a day, practical tasks, and a weekly zoom where you can get filled up and we also promise lots of laughter and fun, too. 
// running after a bigger goal? No problem! The tasks are just a starting point and we’ve got some other resources for you to keep you motivated too. 
So if you’re thinking…
“I am SO ready to not have to chauffeur my kids back and forth to school every. Single. Morning. & Afternoon.”
“Bring on the Sunshine! Bring on the lake!”
“Late night fun - campfires - movie nights - vacation… Let’s Gooooooo!!!!”
“Oh wait! Summer camps! Are there still spots open?! (Moment of panic while googling summer camps)”
“Summer camp is $450?! Ummmm…. (Insert rogue thoughts)”
“Strength Conditioning for my kids’ sports program?! Up at 6:45 every day for 6-weeks?! This will be good for them… how can I make this work?”
“Remodeling … this is the time to remodel b/c the kids are out of school…”
“Road trips & Spontaneity! Yesss! Let’s make a summer list of fun daytime activities!”

But in the back of your mind you’re also kinda wondering:
“Where is my YL business going to fit in over the next couple of months?”
“Everyone else is busy with their families… my time prob won’t be best used here… for now.”
“I’m not sure if my paycheck justifies summer work with my Brand Partnership”
“The fall is always dependable for a Paycheck boost… that’s when the sales are… I’ll just poke around over the summer until everyone else checks back in…”
“I could use a few extra $100 over the summer for these camps and meals out while on vacation.”
“I really don’t know what I can be doing that would be super productive in the small amount of time I’ll have to give… sooo”
“If I knew I could keep my YL biz healthy and thriving in less than an hour a day over the summer ….AAAANNNND SPEND TIME WITH THE FAMILY & VACATION… I’M HERE FOR IT!”

Text SUMMER to 865-248-5528 and each Monday morning you'll get the weekly graphic like this and a quick reminder for the daily call.
Every Monday starting May 8 and running through July 31, you’ll be given TWO things. TASKS // One post in this group with simple direction and guidance to keep you focused. In each weekly post we’ll give you:
5 social media prompts (and y’all… they're SO GOOD you’re going to love them!)
a few tips for connecting with real people without feeling weird
one way to follow up if you’re at a loss for words or creativity.

TRACKER // We’ve created a simple tracker to keep you focused on the most important things! When you text at the above number, you’ll get a link to the tracker so you can have it at your fingertips (international friends – comment below and we’ll get you a copy!).

The Summer Lovin’ Tracker will help you focus on:

TOGETHER // Every Monday we’ll join together on a zoom. Like alllll together!!! Cindy, Paige, me, AND our teams, together! We’ll spend one hour together giving you practical things to do right then on the call (like a mini power-hour, but just for part of the call), direction for growing your business outside the posted Tasks, and we’ll be doing live coaching/Q&A.And… calls will alternate daytime/evening to allow more folks to join us. AND we’ll get you the replays, don’t worry!
Schedule (and we'll update this with the zoom replays within 24 hours!)
Zoom links will be different from day to night, so be sure you grab the right link when you’re connecting to the call! Come with questions, success stories, and ready to take notes!Day Zoom link: 
Night Zoom link: 


Each week I'll post a graphic like this into our Facebook group (AND send it to you by text, make sure you opted in!). These prompts will align with the directions on your weekly printable tracker and help you focus your efforts on just the very top necessary things to work your Brand Partnership over the summer. (notice this graphic is dated May 8 -- fun content will launch every Monday for you!!)

Plus... who doesn't love an easy button? These social media prompts have me thinking about some fun content already!!

Get ready to LOVE your SUMMER!            


Copyright Erin Rodgers