A great way to get oils into more homes is through samples. Whether you are local and can drop off a few with a hug to someone with a need, or you’re thousands of miles away and need to drop them in the mail, the best “convincer” is always going to be someone having a personal experience with our oils.

10 Tips for Sampling

1. Send small samples. Sending an entire bottle means that oil may simply go unused, is a great expense to you, and doesn’t encourage someone to invest in purchasing his or her own oils. It lessens the value if large amounts are simply handed over.

2. Samples should follow connections. Random samples will be so much less effective that purposeful samples based on needs you have discovered through interactions.

3. Make samples fun! Not, “I’m going to let you try my product and you can…XYZ.” Make it pretty, and about them using something you love that is going to better their lives. “I’m dropping a little sample of Stress Away in the mail for you, friend! I know you’re moving, which gives me hives even thinking about it! I rub this oil on my neck and it brings those stress levels down ten notches. I hope it helps!”

4. Tiny sample bottles are easier to drop in the mail than rollers, and little individual use packets of: 
  • MightyPro
  • Mindwise
  • Ningxia Red
  • Alkalime
  • Thieves Whitening toothpaste
  • CBD Muscle Rub
  • Cool Azul Pain Cream 
  • Thieves Household Cleaner
5. Try adding a few oils that you love to put in your diffuser to a sample bottle and encouraging your friend to simply add to water in his/her favorite diffuser as a “diffuser bomb.”

6. You can order a 25 pack of sample bottles in your Virtual Office: Item #3194

7. An alternative is a heat-sealable, food-grade bag holding 10 or so drops of oil as a sample.

8. Print sample cards to mail with your samples. See the link below to a google drive with a bunch of printables. Some cute washi tape to secure the bottle to the card and you’re good to go!

9. Make sure you include a handwritten note or card!

10. "The Fortune is in the Follow-up" -- set yourself a reminder for a few days to a week after sharing the sample to find out if your friend has tried the sample. Be sure to remind your friend that YOU can help him or her place an order with your referral link. You absolutely deserve credit for your hard work! 

sample cards
Whether you're printing from home or using a service like Vistaprint, here's a whole blog-post with tips for printing cards:

Here is a google drive folder full of printables for sending samples to your prospects & customers! 


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