Creating Product Stories
One of the most important things about sharing Young Living is the consistency of telling our Product Stories. 

No one can glean value from what you don’t share about, *and* it takes a customer hearing about a product an average of SEVEN TIMES before they jump in. SEVEN.

When was the last time you shared the exact same story 7 times in a month? 

So, that being said, the point is, that being consistent in sharing in general is always an excellent choice, but what if we *also* decided to get consistent and focused about WHAT we are sharing? And then we just...kept sharing it. Forever and ever, amen?

Have you ever heard the saying “When you’re for everyone, you’re for no one?”. This applies here. When we are fearful and we try and share every product Young Living has to offer, we get scattered. People don’t know what to come to us for. We (dare I say it) become “that oils girl”. When we focus in on our incredibly powerful stories and keep delivering those, well, people know to come to us for those specific things. We then become the person mentioned at the dinner table full of strangers. The expert on the specific topic that comes up. Because our vision is specific.
Think of this scenario. Lucy Lavender is killin’ the game with her consistency. She shows up every day on her stories to share Young Living. She shares about a different product every single day.

Franny Frankincense is also killin’ the game with her consistency. She shows up every day, too, but Progessence Plus, NingXia Red, and AgilEase have really impacted her life. She mostly shares her stories just surrounding those three products.

Suzie Sadness doesn’t have Young Living yet. She doesn’t follow Lucy or Franny. She’s at dinner with some friends and mentions that she’s really struggling with inflammation and joint pain. Hannah Happiness (who follows both Lucy AND Franny) pipes up and says “OMG. I follow this girl named Franny on Instagram. She shares alllll the time about how these couple of products have totally changed her life around this stuff. You *have* to follow her!”. So, then, Suzie follows Franny, is moved by her stories. Orders the three things Franny loves. And then Suzie isn’t sad anymore.

WHY did Hannah tell her friend about Franny and not Lucy?!
(ask yourself this question!)
In business this is called “niching down," and it’s a vital and powerful component in growing your business.

Today, we want to help you niche down your products AND niche down the stories you have about those products, so that when you go to share, there is no question about what or how you will share. The following two pages are a worksheet guide to help you with Product Planning. This will help you identify your top five products first, and then the ways you can share about them.

THEN, you can hop on your stories, and share what you wrote down, and bada bing bada boom! You’ve got a well-put together story to keep sharing over and over and over again. Like an easy button, but for yourself!

I have TWO helpful worksheet pages for you to print off and work through. Below you will find a quick description of how to use them. Print as many copies as you need!

MY PRODUCT STORY // We often talk about choosing 5-10 products to focus on. Answering the questions here will help you begin to craft a memorable story for you to consistently share with others.
Product Planning // This grid is to help you plan out sharing & social media content for your favorite products. Put the product names in the white boxes at the top. Then use the column of gray boxes to come up with specific ways to share. For example, if you’re sharing about Thieves Household Cleaner: “do a reel on how easy it is to make a bottle” “before/after cleaning a stain” “highlight Thieves oil ingredient” “talk about toxins in other cleaners” “safe to use around kids/pets.” 


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