New Customer Connection
Whether you are a Customer yourself who is sharing your referral code with friends, you're casually sharing as a brand partner, or you're looking to build a business with Young Living, here are some great tips for helping new Customers fall in love with our products! 

if you're casually sharing... 

Send this message to your new Customers within a day or two of when they place their first order. (Feel free to word it in your own way if you'd like!)

“Hey let me know when you get your stuff from Young Living! In the meantime, here’s a few things that’ll be helpful for you...  
Go join this Facebook group - (you'll need your account # handy, which is _______.
Also, we have a free app you can download for more product education called Life Steps. Can't wait to hear what you think about your order!" 

If you're building a business...

The core of our business is sharing with others and helping our teams share. We know how amazing these products are, but how do we lead people to see the value of all that Young Living has to offer? Don’t let all your hard work evaporate! You spent time talking to them, working with them, and helped them jump in with products that have the potential to change their circumstances. Stick it out with them!

There are many, many ways to do this well, but here are a few suggestions. 

  • Send a text or message to your new Customer, thanking them for their purchase (the Thank You postcards in the Oil Supply Store are great for this too!).
  • Send them any pertinent details about social media groups to join (see text example above!)
  • Have them grab the app (encourage them to take the Wellness Assessment from the top menu right away!
  • Let them know where to find their Customer referral link in case any friends or family want to try something too. (
Send a proper welcome in the mail! I love to use welcome kits from that contain booklets showcasing all the products in Young Living. This gives them a beautiful overview of ways to use oils and other products from YL. They come in several variations based on the booklet & resources you want to send your new Customer. 

By this time they should have all their products on hand and it’s a great chance to check in! Ask questions like “what’s your favorite...” or “have you tried ___ yet?” Is there anything they haven’t used yet? Mention something you’ve ordered recently that they might love. 

Continue to touch base with your Customers on a regular basis! Ask what questions they might have. Let them know about upcoming classes or educational events, including classes you’re hosting for other Customers. Any time you have the chance to meet their needs with education, do it! 

As you continue doing research for yourself and learn something new, share it with your Customers.

Ask them if they will host a class! Encourage them to share their successes with friends and family and always remind them of their referral link.

want to learn more??
  • Join our JoyDropper Mentorship by texting MENTORSHIP to (865) 248-5528 for a month-long course via text.
  • Visit our Connection page for lots more ways to connect to our JoyDropper team!


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