If you're ready to grow your Brand Partnership in 2023, this is the accountability opportunity you've been waiting for!! Completely revamped, and unlike our groups of the past, these Milestone Meetups are designed to walk alongside the brand new Brand Partner Guide to master its resources and application for your personal business.

BEST PART??? Collaboration. And I don't just mean within the small groups! These meetups will be run by one of THREE amazing Young Living leaders -- Erin Rodgers (RCD), Cindy Haggerton (CD), and Paige Williams (CD). We will each "run" one group but we will also pop in to help out/substitute throughout the three month course of coaching.

Milestone Meetup Dates & Times
+ Weekly meetups will run from January 10 through the last week of March.
+ days & times will vary (we have several options, read below for details)

Do you find yourself thinking things like this?
> I wish I knew how to work during some set business time and then turn it off for the rest of the day.
> I want to feel like I know who to talk to and what to say.
> I need gentle accountability to make sure I'm doing the things I need to do.
> I need direction for my overwhelm.
> I don't want to hustle. But I do want to grow my business. Is it possible to grow without feeling frantic?
> I don't want my business to run me... I want to run my business.
> I want to walk away from work time feeling confident that I've accomplished some set things. I want to feel successful but I don't want to have to work hours and hours to feel that way.

Once a week you'll join a group of likeminded (and similarly ranked) team leaders to collaborate on topics like:
+ team numbers & growth opportunities
+ personal brand and ways to leverage
+ gathering people (virtually & physically)
+ mindset mess - can you identify where your stories are holding you back?
+ and so much more

We have multiple days & times available including Tuesday daytime, Thursday evening, and one other daytime yet to be announced (still finalizing some details on that one).

Together we will build SUSTAINABLE teams with steady growth and simple direction. This does NOT have to be complicated, feel hard, or take up your whole day. If you've felt that way in the past, that's all the more reason for you to join a Meetup so we can help you learn the habits that will help you get out of that mindset and feel confident this business will thrive with your consistent & focused attention -- in only an hour a day :)

Requirements to join:
+ be TEACHABLE - be willing to listen to coaching and take direction
+ be PRESENT - you must be able to join us consistently on the calls (if more than on absence per month, we will ask that you withdraw and reapply for the next session!
+ be ACCOUNTABLE - come with your weekly numbers & information ready so we can share & learn from each other
+ you must have a Brand Partner Guide in order to be part of this Meetup, as we will be utilizing the structure, information, and worksheets weekly. Grab a copy at www.OilSupplyStore.com asap! Use the code JOYDROPPER to save 15% on all Oil Supply Store purchases!
+ in order to be sure everyone is working their business at the same pace, this Meetup is best for those who achieved at least a Senior Star rank in 2023. if you did not but still believe that you can "hold your own" with others at that level (maybe you're growing fast and will be there in the next 45 days?) tell us why in the "what else would you like us to know" blank at the end of this form!

We will reach out to you ASAP with your date, time, and zoom link information so you can join us the next week!

Other learning opportunities for JoyDroppers in the current season 

Testimonials from those who completed previous rounds of the Mentorship:

"I  never planned for this to be a big business and the Mentorship helped me realize I was approaching this with a hobby mindset. Now I know this is something I can scale and still keep in an hour a day of worktime!" - Lillie F

"I have loved our time together! It has held me accountable and focused and also helped with goal setting! I have some clear action plans in place now that I'm using and not just running Willy Nilly all over the place! PS. I enrolled someone today!!" - Jackie U

"Yes this has been super helpful. It has definitely helped me to focus on action items that specifically move my business forward. It has helped me to release things that are not important or not efficiently using my time. And the accountability and encouragement has definitely helped my mindset be in a better place." - Emily G

"This has given direction to my overwhelm. I’ve shifted from a self-preservation mindset to a growth mindset over the past few months. The way I worked my business in 2014 is not what works in 2022 and this simplified strategy has given me margin for my family, a personal sense of accomplishment, movement in my business and confidence for the future.  I’m a pro a overcomplicating things and our mentorship has streamlined my thoughts, intentions and produced genuine results." - Jamie R

"I have LOVED LOVED LOVED these meetings! Although the focus has been simple and has not added any more work to my plate, it has revealed gaps in my business with glaring clarity. I knew that some of the work I was doing was good and effective, but I knew there was something missing, and I wasn’t sure what it was. These calls and the focus of the tracker have helped me hone in on what I was missing and which areas need more time each week, and the accountability has kept me motivated, focused, and trying new things. Being able to duplicate it easily for my own team means it doesn’t just stop with me, either!" - Brandi L

"I'm SO sad that this time is ending for our group. I feel like it's helped put a framework in place so that I spend less time "figuring out what to do" & more time DOING! The meetups have also given me confidence to lead my own team in a similar way, and I'm excited to see fruit come from that. The structure has been perfect - the time commitment, the accountability, the coaching, the team building. All of it. So SO GOOD!" - Julie C

"My mindset is in a much better place. I am working smarter and I don't feel guilty being with my family. I am not always thinking, I SHOULD BE WORKING, working. I have momentum that I will continue the rest of the summer." - Carol S

"This accountability has been a great tool for my business, helping me to keep my business top of mind but learning strategies and systems to keep from spinning my wheels. I worked more on my business the past three months than I have in years but spent less than half the time on it! The coaching with Erin has been golden. Even listening to other people being coached has helped my mindset around my business. WAM has been a game changer. I can't wait to see the long term effects of the work we've been doing!" - Amy W

"I have really looked forward to our group on Mondays. It's been so nice to learn from someone who has gone before and can share what to do and what not to do. The biggest thing that has helped me is learning how to manage my time and thoughts around my business. Hustling is no longer a thing and wow is it freeing! It has helped me to do what I always wanted to do-truly help people because I care AND making money for my family with my business. The accountability has been so helpful too because it's easy to fall back into old habits if I'm not surrounding myself with people working towards the same "goals" as me." - Christin N

"It was so helpful for me. I put some practices into place for working my business every single day- hitting all groups. I broke through the plateau of not reaching new people and have classes/a home party lined up for July!  The mindset shift was that education is what matters, and I have stories and a purpose to keep on sharing! PS: my personal enrollment OGV increased every month with this group from me making those connections more intentionally! What worked- the accountability and encouragement. It can get real lonely doing the business without cheering on other people and learning face to face what they're doing." - Danielle G

"The accountability is what's been most beneficial for me. Knowing I have to check in weekly with a group of like minded women helps me remember to stay on top of what I need to do throughout the week." - Alicia D

Application closed but you want to know the minute we open the next one? Drop your information below!

Hey! Drop your info here and I'll let you know as soon as our next Mentorship window opens!! In the meantime check out the other ways you can connect and get training -- like Zoom calls and the Believe event! -- at www.theJoyDroppers.com/connect

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