How We Share
Today let's talk about HOW we share. For now, I'm going to focus specifically on Social Media (we will talk about in-person sharing too, don't worry! It's a huge part of the way I love to grow a team, so I'll give you lots of direction on that too!).

Okay so SOCIAL MEDIA. Whew. Lemme guess... you're thinking "I don't want to be salesy"... right? There's this constant balance between sharing what you're excited about... and doing it in a way that doesn't make people stop and think "ew."

So you don't want to be salesy? 
Me either! So, DON’T BE SALESY. Avoid salesy terminology. You know the type.

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Basically, if you can hear it being said in a used car commercial, avoid saying it.

Talk conversationally, how you would talk to a friend.

You can tell if someone is giving info just to make a sale or if they're giving info because they're obsessed with something. Like the Berkey water filter or the Instant Pot or a fun book series, for example. I can't shut up about them! I have lost track of how many of my friends have bought them because of my rave reviews, and I don't make a dime off any of it. I truly just love them. Think about how you would share about something if there were NO money to be made, and do that.

Example: "Trying ________ (alkalime) today. They say it ____________ (balances my pH). Here it goes, down the hatch! I'll report back on how we feel about it."

“Stuck in traffic on my morning commute. I just got a bunch of these essential oils. Not sure exactly how they work yet, but I tried the Stress Away one and it made the drive a whollleeeeee lot more chill.”

So, we do this "selling" thing differently than most. And that is such a good thing! Our goal is genuinely to SHARE and to get these oils into as many homes as possible because we know what they can do. After the results I've seen myself... I think most of us would give them out for free if we could!

From our genuine passion comes the desire to share far and wide, and I want to make sure that in our sharing we really are setting ourselves apart from the other marketing that is out there. Nobody likes the salesy posts that can sometimes overload our social media feeds. We want to be so different than that.

Another thing I hear is people getting so worked up about needing to know ALL THE THINGS before they even start. Guys, stop. You do not need to be an expert. I am not a fashion expert but when I feel GOOD in an outfit I have zero problem telling people about it. If I'm loving a pair of earrings and tag them on IG, has anyone ever said to me “Erin, did you go to school for fashion? Why are you qualified to tell me about this?”
Um, no, because that’d be freakin’ weird.
Same. with. oils.
Your friends do not need you to be a scientist. Tell them why YOU use your Thieves oil. Tell them what is does for YOU. That is what they want to hear.
your turn
Grab a notebook, you'll want to write this down!

List THREE Young Living products that you have used that you have a personal testimony with.

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