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It's easier than ever to make $100 or more with Young Living as a Brand Partner! Read all the info below to learn more!


Fast Start Bonus for Month 1 is 50% commission!
The Fast Start Bonus is an additional bonus paid as a percentage of a new enrollment’s PV during their first 3 months. 
There is no limit on what you can get paid - whatever your new Customer or new Brand Partner spends their first month - you receive 50% commission on their PV!
To be paid this commission you ONLY need to be a Brand Partner. No CV or PV required for Month 1 Fast Start Commission 🎉🎉
Example 1: Your friend Kim likes her oils and ordered 30 PV this month. She isn’t qualified for full commission, but she shares her referral link for the first time, and enrolls a new friend with a PSB (which is 100 PV). Fun!
Kim will make $50 on the Fast Start bonus alone 😎 This gives our BPs such an easy point of entry, I love it.
Example 2: Ellie has 100 CV (can include her own PV) this month, so when she enrolls someone with a PSB, she will also get paid the Starter Bundle Bonus of $25 and any other commission she qualifies for.
✨That’s at least $75 for enrolling one person!
When you are the enroller:
+ Fast Start Month 1 - 50% commission
+ Fast Start Month 2 - 25% commission
+ Fast Start Month 3 - 25% commission
When one of *your personally enrolled Brand Partners* enrolls their own new Customer or Brand Partner you earn 10% of that new person’s PV during their Fast Start period in months 2 & 3.
RECAP! When a person you enrolled, enrolls someone else:
+ Fast Start Month 1 - nada, congrats to the enroller!
+ Fast Start Month 2 - 10% commission
+ Fast Start Month 3 - 10% commission
To really make sure you guys are hearing this…
If you enroll 4 people with a 100 PV order, you will earn $200 from Fast Start alone! 😍

Become a Brand PartneR //
If you are currently a Customer with Young Living, you can easily update your account at this link: Become A Brand Partner.

Purchase the Business Essentials Kit (BEK) for $1, sign the Brand Partner Agreement, plug into the resources our team offers, and you're on your way to earn unstoppable income with Young Living!

Get your SHARE LINK // 
Go to - sign in then use the top menu to find "Share YL" and you'll see two things below.
  • Your Personal Referral Link // This link is your one-stop shop to hand a friend. It will take them to the Young Living site with your own referral number imbedded in it. It looks like this: (note... that's MY link, not yours... don't send them that one!)
  • Deep Link Generator // This is useful when you want to send a friend to a specific product (or bundle or category). First grab the link to that item, then paste it in the first blank. Generate the link and you'll get something that looks like this for Thieves Household Cleaner: When they click that link they'll go straight to the item and your referral number will be built-in for checkout.

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