The Business Cycle
Duplication is the act of something being copied/duplicated. That is the entire goal for your business. Each task you do, from the way you share Young Living with others, to the way you care for your members, you will want to present in a manner that can be duplicated! When sharing Young Living with others, keep it SIMPLE - this will show them that they too can share Young Living! When caring for members, be intentional - this will model to them how they should be caring for their members! Think domino effect! The way you want your organization to flow begins with you!

The core of our business is sharing with others and helping others share.

The Business Cycle looks like this:

  1. Bring in a new Customer (let's call her Annie)
  2. Follow up with Annie and help her fall in love with her products & start a loyalty order.
  3. Help Annie become a Brand Partner and start sharing with her friends.
  4. Encourage Annie to help her friends (customers) get on loyalty rewards and help Annie's friends become Brand Partners and enroll their friends.
  5. Rinse and repeat. Over and over.
Tips for Enrolling/referring a new customer

The core of our business is sharing with others and helping our teams share. We know how amazing these products are, but how do we lead people to see the value of all that Young Living has to offer?

Five ways to lead others to see the value in enrolling/referring:

01. Share – put yourself out there. See yourself as a source. Be vulnerable with your own story in many different ways - live videos, in person, mail samples, one-on-one texts. Remember that we have the opportunity to meet a need through sharing in confidence. Set the tone. Keep it simple and get oils in their hands.

02. Follow up and engage – “the fortune is in the follow up.” Make it known that you are a place of unwavering support and be available for clarifying questions, celebrating their decision to show interest in some thing so incredible. Support them every step of the way.

03. Let them hear your voice – find a way to connect on a more personal level. Call them, send them a video, meet with them one on one, or even record a voice memo. They need to hear your passion for them and a way that connects to their heart and applies directly to their story.

04. Time sensitive – give them a deadline! Offer a time sensitive incentive that adds value to their life and helps them reach their goals of health and freedom. Make it about them and what they will gain.

05. Check In – Lead them there every step of the way. Everything you can to move any barriers. And questions and were are the journey, while always offering options. The good news is, our team culture is one of joy and excitement to help others find freedom. It is not about selling anything, but about sharing a lifestyle that will enhance the lives of everyone you meet.

Every month there should be new customers and brand partners joining your team. The most effective way to do this is by increasing your amount of enroller‘s and people referring – these are the people who are signing people up.

For example: it would be more effective to have 10 people on your team each enrolling to new customers or brand partners a month (20 new members!) Rather than only two people each enrolling 10. More people in rolling increases your likelihood for duplication and expose is your team to more circles of influence.

A good goal for anyone actively trying to grow the Young Living team is to enroll at least two new customers or brand partners each month.

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