North America Convention 2022
Utah AND Virtual  

Y’all I’m giddy with excitement!! We get to gather in Utah this June for convention. It’s been three years and we’ve been through two virtual conventions since we could all be there together, back in 2019.

And, this year has one exciting twist! Just like our Asia Pacific, Europe, and Latin America regions have their own conventions, beginning in 2022, the annual convention held in Salt Lake City will now be hosted by the North America market and specifically geared to the North American audience.

Join us in Salt Lake City, Utah, June 15–18 for our first-ever North America Convention! Registration is open NOW!!! This event is likely to sell out quickly — registration will stay open till sold out or April 30 (whichever comes first). 

The last two years have normalized, for many of us, not being together with the people we love. Communicating mostly virtually or in very small gatherings. But the truth is we need each other. We need to look in each other’s eyes, we need to hug tight and often, we need to have those conversations that only happen when you’re walking to a session or lunch or wandering around on the farm. We need to hear directly from our incredible corporate leadership and see with our own eyes the way Young Living goes above and beyond to help us get our products into every home. 

Just can’t swing the in-person option but want to get the info (and early access to products??!!)??? You can join us from the comfort of your own home instead! Virtual tickets are unlimited and will remain available through June 10.

JoyDropper Team Party will happen Friday afternoon!!! Please plan your Farm Day for a different day! (I’ll be going on Saturday!) I'll update this page with the party details once they're confirmed.

In person Tickets - $225
+ You will get to experience the in-person Expo where you get to see, touch, smell & try ALL of our products! It's the highlight for me every year! You'll also be there in person for the big reveal of the new product releases, and have a chance to visit our Corporate HQ building andddddd the MONA FARM!! (Extra ticket for those tours) Ahhh it’s amazing. 
+ All workshops will be available virtually to allow more time for networking, exploring, and learning on site. 
Schedule available online!
+ Live tickets include all live experiences, Expo, Farm tour (add on), and virtual replays as well. Oh… and swaaaaaaggg!!!

Virtual Experience- $50 tickets
+ Live broadcast of General Session and other live events, steamed into a website for you to watch.
+ Video Library to view workshops at your leisure. Virtual workshops will allow for more workshops and reviewing content.
+ Digital Expo - explore the new products and opportunities online! From photos to product info sheets to testimonials to videos… it’s your place to learn!
+ Farm Xperienxe - virtual 360-degree walkthrough of the Mona Farm
+ Museum Moments - collection of videos of Mary Young guiding viewers through the Young Living Museum (in the bottom floor of the Genera Headquarters!)

Some ADDITIONAL details and logistics that will help you with registration //
+Tickets are on sale now. You will have an email from Young Living with a link to register. I 100% recommend getting the ticket ASAP. Tickets could last a couple weeks or they could literally sell out today. Do not wait if you know you want to come! You can figure out travel and babysitting and all those details later. For now make sure you have a ticket!

+There will be an option during registration to visit the farm. It’s an additional $50 and worth it ten times over. It is not required but if you do want to visit the farm we are all going to try and choose SATURDAY farm day so we can be there together and also bc I’m throwing a team party Friday so I don’t want you to miss it! Choosing the shuttle services makes it super easy so go with that option! **Keep in mind that you're only able to purchase one farm/HQ ticket with your initual order, but you can add on later for any guests you're including in your ticket.**

+Let’s talk about accommodations. After you register you will likely see a list of area hotels that have rooms blocked off for us to reserve. Lots of people also do AirBNB/VRBO rentals. As a team there are way too many of us to do one central house or something so accommodations are up to you guys. I have stayed in airbnbs and hotels in salt lake and they both have their perks. Most Airbnbs are a bit of a drive so there is a lot of Ubering but they can also often be cheaper if split several ways with others. The hotel option, especially if you’re sharing a room with people, is also not too expensive and most of the hotels are easily within walking distance of the convention center and restaurants etc. I also love the hotel option if I need to go recharge my brain for a few hours after lots sensory overload lol. All the hotels on the list are amazing! Do what feels best for you and coordinate with your downline or crossline friends and be ready to reserve something together!

+Most people will arrive on Wednesday, June 15 as registration happens all day on the 15th. Convention goes THROUGH Saturday the 18th so plan to leave on Sunday the 19th. Of course if you need to leave early that’s fine, just come for as much of the event as you can!!! 

+If you have a baby please know that YL events are literally FULL of mamas with babies! Don’t hesitate to bring your tiny ones! Older kids wouldn’t be able to be in sessions etc but babies are always around! 

+This page will be updated with more information as we get closer to convention time! Stay tuned!


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