Beginner's guide to cleansing


A hundred years ago, our great grandparents were raised on REAL food. Local crops from their hometown, fresh meat & eggs that weren't tampered with. Milk that was fresh & not tampered with. Sugar was a treat saved for special occasions, and moderation was practiced. Then after WWI & WWII, convenience foods became part of households since women were entering the workplace. Food lost its nutritional value the more convenient it became.

In recent years, pesticides, herbicides, hormones/antibiotics, and synthetic processed ingredients became just part of the “norm” with our food. And our bodies have suffered for it. Digestion has become an issue in almost every household. Thanks to the “standard American diet,” our bodies became unable to eliminate toxins in our food. The “4 deadly whites” - white flour, white sugar, processed milk, & table salt (not sea/mineral salt), have created a paste in our colons that keeps our colons from working correctly.

We are the sickest generation with cancer showing up in crazy high numbers in our population. It is an epidemic, and for some reason, it’s being normalized in our society for us all to have health problems. It's COMMON, not NORMAL. Look back at generations of the past - there was very little cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc. These diseases are brought on by our normalization of chemical laden, processed foods lining the shelves of the grocery stores.

“Cleansing is probably the most important thing you can do for your health & the colon comes first. If your elimination system has nowhere to dump its toxins, you’ll become quite ill when cleansing.”  Inner Transformations with Essential OilsDr. LeAnne Deardeuff


Alright so now we know why we SHOULD cleanse, let’s talk about the benefits of cleansing.
I mentioned earlier the 5 day cleanse from Young Living. This is not a true targeted cleanse, but a tool to use to reduce inflammation & reset some dietary patterns. I accidentally broke my coffee addiction when I did the 5 day cleanse. Didn’t mean to at all, but had no taste for coffee after doing the cleanse. NOT that coffee is wrong, but it was definitely wrong for me because at the time my adrenals were in major distress and coffee and I had a toxic relationship. It wasn’t helping me at all with my adrenal issues….

What cleansing can help with :

⁃ Allergies - Allergies stem from the body's inability to fully & properly digest food - even seasonal & environmental allergies! Dr. Deardeuff says that the best way to begin fixing allergy problems is to do a colon & liver cleanse. As much as 90% of allergies will clear up after doing those cleanses, and the remaining allergies often clear up after adding adrenal support.

⁃ 70-80% of the immune system is in the digestive tract - this impacts those of us with autoimmune disorders & compromised immune systems.

⁃ Getting nutritional value from our food - many of us get little to no nutrition from our food because of a sluggish tract

⁃ Hormone health - you will never be able to manage your thyroid health without having a healthy gut & healthy liver. You have to have a well-functioning thyroid in order to balance your hormones. People with thyroid conditions are deficient in vitamins D, b12, selenium, zinc, etc. Most supplement to over come that, but the supplements aren’t getting properly absorbed because the gut isn’t working correctly, so you’re just paying for very expensive pee & poop.

⁃ Fertility -  According to the doctor who wrote this book, 90% of the people she works with who have infertility issues get pregnant within 6 months of cleaning the colon & liver. The other 10% have other hormonal issues that require balancing thyroid & pituitary glands.
⁃ Diseases such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, dermatitis, fatigue, & mental issues are much improved with colon cleansing.

Why should we start with the colon? If you follow traditional Chinese medicine, there are seasons for cleansing. The colon always comes first because it’s the LAST exit from the body. You don’t want to cleanse your liver and have the toxins land in a blocked colon and continue to cause your body harm. This cleanse is recommended to do in the fall. But if you’re wanting to do a cleanse, start with the colon and do it first no matter what time of year. We eat 2-3 meals a day, so we should have 2-3 BMs a day. But most people carry around at least 7 lbs of stagnant, impacted fecal matter in our colons. The goal is to have 2-3 movements a day that are fast & easy to pass, well formed, and float.


Comfortone: (can be taken with water - doesn't need food)
Comfortone helps eliminate residue from the colon & enhances the colon’s ability to function optimally. It also benefits the liver, gallbladder, & overall digestive health.
Day 1 - take 1 capsule in the AM 
Day 2 - take 1 capsule in the AM & 1 in the PM
Day 3 - take 2 in the AM & 1 in the PM
*keep ramping up until you're comfortably having 2-3 daily BMs. Take no more than 10 total in a day. 

**Once you get to your max dose, keep taking that dose for the rest of your cleanse
*One bottle will last you approx 1 month depending on your dose

Essentialzyme: (take 1 hour before your meals)
Essentialzyme helps digest your food and start to break up the “stuck” on particles in your colon wall.
Take 1 before each meal 
*it's ok if you aren't exact on the timing with this one. 
*take the same dose of this one through the entirety of your cleanse. 
*One bottle will last you 1 month

Once you are having 2-3 comfortable BMs daily, add ICP to your routine.
ICP brings scouring action to carry the gunk stuck to your colon walls away.
ICP (add to 8oz lukewarm water)
Day 1 - start with 1 tsp morning & evening
increase by 1/2 tsp daily until you're taking a 1 tbsp dose morning & evening. 
*Drink this one quickly so it doesn't get too thick. 
*One bottle will last you 3-4 weeks depending on your dosing.

Drink water like it's your job. Shoot for 96 oz daily.

Continue the cleanse as long as you desire or until you see the Mucoid Plaque pass - black tube-like lining of your colon. This will signal that you've completed the cleanse, and your colon will function normally. Depending on the condition of your colon, it can take between 6 weeks and 18 months to cleanse completely.

You can eat your normal diet during this cleanse, but obviously the cleaner the better. Avoid white flour, white sugar, table salt (not mineral/sea salt), and dairy as much as possible as they each contribute to the white paste in the colon that are a major risk factor of colon cancer. 

After the cleanse
Probiotics & Digestive enzymes are important for continued digestive health. Life 9 is our probiotic. Essentialzyme is a great digestive enzyme to continue, but Young Living has several others if you want to compare them after the cleanse. ICP Daily would also be a great addition to your routine. 


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