Ahhhhh I'm SO excited to share the 2023 CLASS CHALLENGE with you guys! First off, this is OPTIONAL for you to participate in, but it's designed to give you the BEST and most FOCUSED start to your team growth in 2023 I truly hope you will all participate!!

// focus // 
Over the next three months I want you to focus on developing relationships with others around you. This is real life, connections, face to face... all that goodness. While I know there are a handful of you who are rocking the social media sharing... the VAST majority of our team is most successful with in-person classes and 1-on-1 meetings.
Personally, I enrolled a lot of people online during my biggest season of growth, but a LARGE majority of them were people I'd earned influence over through real in-person friendships and relationships.

While I never want to discount the relationships you're making online... I want to challenge you out of your comfort zone and fill your calendar with effective, in-person meetings. That is the specific focus of this challenge.

// challenge details // 
I challenge you to teach 9 classes (or workshops or parties) over the next three months!! Friend listen... you can DO this!! I'm taking the challenge myself. Let's grow together!
I want you to focus on an even distribution of effort and growth, so you must do at least 3 classes EACH month in order to correctly complete the challenge. Even with that... I recommend spreading them out throughout the month!

I have a few super fun gifts for you as you go along the way! Keep reading!

Check the bottom of this post for a RESOURCES list! I'll be updating it as we load new, helpful content!

// prizes // 

Well, obviously... TEAM GROWTH and a bigger paycheck! That's the ultimate prize and the thing we're all working for. But of course, there's more... 

LEVEL 1 PRIZE // Teach one class with at least 2 non-customers in attendance, report it below in the comments, and I'll send you a Believe roller!! 

LEVEL 2 PRIZE // Teach about Young Living in front of 15 non-customers, and I'll send you a bottle of Evergreen Essence! (This  can be one or multiple classes combined!)

LEVEL 3 PRIZE // Complete the challenge of 3 classes per month for 3 months, and I'll send you a Raindrop Technique collection. (over $150 value!) (This is not a drawing, you DO IT, you WIN IT!)

GRAND PRIZE // If you exceed the challenge (more than 9 qualifying classes over 3 months) will be entered for the grand prize! I will travel to your area to teach a class to your team & prospects, and you'll also receive one-on-one business mentoring during my visit! 

// offers from YL // 

Young Living is ALSO throwing in some amazing perks for brand partners who are hosting in-person gatherings during the month of March. 
  • Tell Young Living about your classes, and you'll receive a 15% off coupon code for your next shop order. 
  • Your current customers who attend your classes will receive a free shipping code.
  • EVERYONE who becomes a new customer in March receives free shipping on their 100pv order!
More details here: 

// rules // 

CLASS // is defined as an intentional meeting with 2+ non-members where you have a structure for the gathering - with the intent of enrolling them in Young Living. A script is not required, but try to have a defined plan for these! (see below for a link to  scripts!)

ONE-ON-ONE // is defined as an intentional meeting with one or more non-members in a casual environment (like over coffee or a playdate) for the purpose of talking about Young 
Living. This does not include a lunch date with a friend where you mention a product or two in the course of a conversation. 
**Each month you are allowed to count ONE one-on-one meeting towards your required total. So of your 3 monthly classes, only one of them can be a  1/1 meeting. A one-on-one meeting will NOT count as your first class to earn the Believe roller.

VENDOR EVENTS // A vendor event will count if it lasts for at least 6 hours. A vendor event can only count toward ONE of your monthly required classes. You’ll need to be able to provide the names of at least 3 non-members that you talked to at the event.

The idea of this challenge is that these classes are in person, live classes... either taught in the same room with your non-member friends. OR live and taught by you, but delivered over facetime, zoom, or by skype (this may be you teaching at your computer and then folks gathered together in a room across the country to have you teach via the internet). 
*Please notice that for this challenge, Facebook classes do not count. PLEASE feel free to run FB challenges and continue teaching on your social media channels! But far too many people are seeing that as the "easy button"... and in my experience, easy buttons never grow us into new, challenging places!*

// big picture // 
**Teaching classes for members of your downline is ENCOURAGED!!! Utilizing your members and getting into their networks is the primary way to grow your teams. However only ONE person can "claim" a class for the purposes of this challenge. If your downline is also participating in the GROWTH challenge, PLEASE still offer to help your teams teach classes even if they're not going to count for YOU as a prize. Remember that BIG PICTURE is your team growing. I'm simply offering you some encouragement and tools to do that well this season!

// reporting your classes // 

Text CLASSES to 865-248-5528 to stay in the loop & get encouragement along the way during the challenge! 

Each month, we'll have a post in the JoyDroppers || Brand Partners group pinned to the top of the group under "announcements." You'll report your classes & progress there in the comments! 
*For those not on Facebook who participate in this challenge, you may email your entries to info@thejoydroppers.com 

// resources //

Videos that give great tips for classes & sharing about YL!

This will be so much fun! I can't wait to hear about all the new families who will have YL in their homes!
Don't forget to text the word CLASSES to 865-248-5528 to stay in the loop on this challenge


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