✨ 2024 Brand Partner Opportunities ✨

It can be overwhelming to look into an empty canvas of a year, and even more overwhelming when I think of this amazing team and how I want to lead & steer you for the new year. Overall, I want to tighten our focus on health and equip you to each have the right products on hand and know what to do with them. I want to lean in to protocols and specifics and simplifying everything. 

For those of you pursuing a Brand Partnership with Young Living -- whether you desire to earn $150 each month or $1000 each month -- I have resources and support for you too!
The ONE link you need to save: www.theJoyDroppers.com/connect << literally everything is here. Have you bookmarked this yet? Every piece of information below can be found right here!

There are TWO places for you to plug in this season to get community and direction for growing your Brand Partnership. For anyone NEW or GROWING their business, I have something called the (re)START for you. If you're further along the path with your biz and ready for some accountability, I'd love for you to join a Mentorship with me this quarter. I'll be doing one each quarter this year, and our first one starts the week of January 15. 


Whether you are STARTING your Young Living Brand Partnership or (re)STARTING, this is the perfect low-key, easy button way to move your business forward over the next three months.  

Who is this for?
  • You’re just getting started
  • You want to work your business, but you aren’t sure how
  • You’ve worked your business in the past but would like to start it back up
  • You are feeling burned out and need direction
  • You are struggling with motivation and looking for community
We are going to keep this super simple! The (re) START consists of a:
+ Jumpstart Call (one on one call to relaunch OR launch your business)
+ Facebook Messenger Chat 
+ Daily tracker with 5 Daily (re)START Tasks 

^^^What are these 5 tasks, you ask??? I’m glad you did!  Grab the (re)START pdf and we will walk you through 5 daily habits that will help you reboot or jumpstart your business. Plus, EVERY WEEK we will have weekly giveaways for anyone who completes at least ONE (re)START task. Each comment is an entry.  Check out this week’s giveaway here: (coming soon)

+ download the (re)START pdf (fill out the form just below!)
+ print the trackers/pdf
+ download a complete list of your current Customers
+ grab your Prospect List (check your phone, your old planner, notebook, etc.)

let's (re)START!

Check your email! I'll be dropping the (re)START pdf in your inbox within the next 24 hours!
xoxo - Erin
Next, schedule your call with me here:
AND... we have a brand new Facebook chat for 2024 for our Brand Partners. 
if for some reason that doesn't work, reach out and let me know.

So…in summary:
1. Get the PDF
2. Print the Tracker
3. Print a list of any Current Customers and Prospects
4. Schedule your call
5. Join the message thread!


It's time for our new round of the Milestone Mentorship! We missed you guys over the holidays and we're looking forward to an amazing start to 2024. Let's chat all about the Milestone Mentorship and how you can be a part of it!

If you're ready to grow your Brand Partnership in 2024, this is the accountability opportunity you've been waiting for!! These Milestone Mentorships are designed to walk alongside the brand new Brand Partner Guide to master its resources and application for your personal business.

BEST PART??? Collaboration. And I don't just mean within the small groups! These meetups will be run by myself and Paige Williams (Crown Diamond). We will each "run" one group but we will also pop in to help out/substitute throughout the three-month course of coaching.

Milestone Mentorship Dates & Times ⌚️
+ Weekly meetups will run from January-March .
+ Days & times will vary (we have several options, read below for details)
-Tuesdays (beginning January 16): 12:30 pm EST (Senior Stars and Execs), 1: 30 pm EST (Silvers Plus)
-Thursdays (beginning January 18): 8:30 pm EST
-Fridays (beginning January 19): 5:30 am EST (YOU READ THAT RIGHT....we are bringing you an early bird option)


Do you find yourself thinking things like this?
> I wish I knew how to work during some set business time and then turn it off for the rest of the day.
> I want to feel like I know who to talk to and what to say.
> I need gentle accountability to make sure I'm doing the things I need to do.
> I need direction for my overwhelm.
> I don't want to hustle. But I do want to grow my business. Is it possible to grow without feeling frantic?
> I don't want my business to run me... I want to run my business.
> I want to walk away from work time feeling confident that I've accomplished some set things. I want to feel successful but I don't want to have to work hours and hours to feel that way.

Once a week you'll join a group of likeminded (and similarly ranked) team leaders to collaborate on topics like:
+ team numbers & growth opportunities
+ personal brand and ways to leverage
+ gathering people (virtually & physically)
+ mindset mess - can you identify where your stories are holding you back?
+ and so much more

We have multiple days & times available including Tuesday daytime, Thursday evening and Friday morning
Together we will build SUSTAINABLE teams with steady growth and simple direction. This does NOT have to be complicated, feel hard, or take up your whole day. If you've felt that way in the past, that's all the more reason for you to join a Mentorship so we can help you learn the habits that will help you get out of that mindset and feel confident this business will thrive with your consistent & focused attention -- in only an hour a day.

Requirements to join:
+ be TEACHABLE - be willing to listen to coaching and take direction
+ be PRESENT - you must be able to join us consistently on the calls (if more than one absence per month, we will ask that you withdraw and reapply for the next session!)
+ be ACCOUNTABLE - come with your weekly numbers & information ready so we can share & learn from each other
+ you must have a Brand Partner Guide in order to be part of this Meetup, as we will be utilizing the structure, information, and worksheets weekly. Grab a copy at www.OilSupplyStore.com asap! Use the code NEWYEAR24 to save 24% on the guide this month!
+ in order to be sure everyone is working their business at the same pace, this Meetup is best for those who achieved at least a Senior Star rank in 2023 or has a team size of 10 active customers. If this isn't you, but you still believe that you can "hold your own" with others at that level (maybe you're growing fast and will be there in the next 45 days?) tell us why in the "what else would you like us to know" blank at the end of this form!

We will reach out to you ASAP with your date, time, and zoom link information so you can join us!


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