✨ 2023 JoyDropper Opportunities ✨

It's overwhelming looking into an empty canvas of a year, and even more overwhelming when I think of this amazing team and how I want to lead & steer you for the new year.

Overall, I want to tighten our focus on health and equip you to each have the right products on hand and know what to do with them. I want to lean in to protocols and specifics and simplifying everything.
For those of you pursuing a Brand Partnership with Young Living -- whether you desire to earn $150 each month or $15,000 each month -- I have resources and support for you too!
the ONE link you need to know: www.theJoyDroppers.com/connect << literally everything is here. Have you bookmarked this yet? Every piece of information below can be found right here!


You'll see that the product education Zoom topics we have coming out for this year are more specific -- and so you can expect them to be way more in depth on the topic. Topics like "Ins & Outs of Endocrine Disruption" and "Beginners Guide to Cleansing Parasites" are January's topics. Each month we'll be offering one daytime education zoom and one at nighttime.

In addition to the email you get at the start of the month, I’ll be sending out emails throughout the month to make sure everyone is learning the fun things I am. Whether it's through intentional education sources (like in 2020 when I became a Certified Natural Health Professional) or conversations with others in the field -- I want to be passing information on to you and will pop in your inbox occasionally too! (not getting my emails? Email me at info@thejoydroppers.com and we'll get you added!)

We've also got some ideas on team challenges and things that can be done this year to help you focus on your health. One of those is our Reboot & Reset habit focus for January — you can read about it here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/EssentialExchange/posts/5744001349019628/


Are you a Brand Partner? If you’re not, did you know you can upgrade your Customer account to Brand Partner for just $14.95 by purchasing the Business Essentials Kit (item 35191). When you share your Share YL link with a friend you’ll earn 50% back on their first purchase (and you’ll earn every time they order!).

Curious about that? I’ve got you! The first Tuesday of every month* I’m doing a JUMPSTART Call for all Brand Partners. It’s a short call that will give you the details of how to jump in and how to make $150 THIS MONTH. Yep, literally everything you need to know to bring in $150. (and yes, you can do that every single month and simply get your product orders paid-for if that’s your goal with YL!). And yes, all zooms are recorded and available for review. *call will be on the second Tuesday for January

Every Tuesday at 1pm Eastern (11am Mtn) I’ll join you on a zoom for a JoyDropper Team Strategy Call. We’ll talk about an issue of business and I’ll offer coaching for anyone on the call. This is open to Brand Partners at ANY level of their business — from brand new to our top leaders! We used to do these on Thursday nights but I’m moving to a daytime slot moving forward! And yes, all zooms are recorded and available for review.

Every Brand Partner on our team is invited to join the JoyDropper Brand Partner Facebook Groupwww.facebook.com/groups/joydroppersbuilders — we talk business there, celebrate each other, and welcome your questions too!

Brand Partner Guide - this brand new book will begin to ship out the first week of January. I wrote this in a collaboration with Paige Williams and we’re so excited to give you all the tools you need to grow your Brand Partnership. We’ll be using this book in the Milestone Meetups (below!) so be sure to grab a copy!

Milestone Meetups - for those of you ready to level up your Brand Partnership, I have a crazy exciting weekly mentorship for you for 1Q of 2023. AND, I’m partnering with two of my dearest friends for this season — Paige Williams & Cindy Haggerton — and we will be joining forces to coach as a collective. Once a week you'll join a group of likeminded (and similarly ranked) team leaders to collaborate on topics like:
+ team numbers & growth opportunities
+ personal brand and ways to leverage
+ gathering people (virtually & physically)
+ mindset mess - can you identify where your stories are holding you back?
+ earning $150, $600, and creating this duplication in your team
+ and so much more
This will be the fourth round of Mentorship I’ve done and this one will take a totally new approach to the 12-week session. I’m SO excited about the changes!
APPLY FOR A MILESTONE MEETUP GROUP HERE (Application closes Friday, January 6th)


I’m also working to build a robust database of challenges, product deep dives, and online classes to support our team at every level. From product education to maximizing your paycheck, I want you to feel supported. There’s a TON more coming in 2023!

Text JUMPSTART to 865-248-5528 if you're ready to get plugged in.
Text NEXT TIME to 865-248-5528 if you're interested, but the next few months of 2023 aren't the right time for you.

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