Follower Formula
Ready to grow online?? Here is the tool you need to be using to create predictable results for growing through Instagram - a great place to meet new people to invite to your weekly events!!

The Follower Formula:
  1. Create a list of 4-5 topics you love chatting about (not wellness related). These could be topics like hiking, homeschooling, road tripping, scratch cooking, or gardening. These are your people - people that love these same things - and the people you're going to go out and connect with.
  2. Use the search function of Instagram to look up hashtags related to your interest topics. One of these might be #homeschoolersofInstagram if I'm looking to connect with other homeschool moms. I want to be sure I'm finding hashtags with 20-100K posts and curate a set of about 8 hashtags to post in the top comment every time I post about this topic. I'll use these same hashtags to find other people interested in the same things as me. I'll want to connect with others with roughly the same amount of followers as me, within a couple thousand followers or so of my follower count. I can do this by finding posts from others without as many followers as I have, or, sometimes more simply, connecting with others who like the same posts as I do. (So if I find a post that used the hashtag #homeschoolersofInstagram, going through the like list to see who else on that list has a public account that I can begin creating a relationship with)
  3. Simply write down the person you're connecting with on the first line. Each person you're writing down needs to be someone YOU hit "follow" on - they likely aren't going to follow you back if you are talking to them but not actually choosing to follow them.
  4. Write down what hashtag you found them through on the second (#) line -- this will help you remember one of the key things you have in common. (Such as #homeschoolersofInstagram) You can use this part to leave small notes, too... convo topics or where they live, or other things you've found in common!
  5. On the third section, tick a circle every time you practice one substantial interaction. Yep, you'll be using this list to cycle back through and make connections with, so you'll want to keep these people on your radar by putting them on your list. (What is a substantial interaction? A well thought out comment, message, or story reaction. I recommend reacting to a story and messaging with them about it or commenting - get some back and forth going or it will only go so far!)
  6. Write down your current follower count at the bottom of each sheet. It will take longer for some people on that sheet to follow you than others, so this isn't about how many people on this sheet followed you -- it's about how many total followers you have when you finish this Follower Formula page. As you fill out page after page, this will help you see your progress and how many new people you need to connect with to gain a certain amount of followers. On your very first page, just write your starting follower count at the top when you begin - then always fill in the box at the bottom when you finish.
  7. This will become a sustainable habit most easily when you choose to connect with a certain number of new people a day and follow up with a certain number of people on your list per day (such as 5 + 5). Additionally, you'll talk to one person from your list about Young Living - people you can invite right to your events! Some will say no, but as you do this daily, some will say yes!
  8. When you've ticked all 10 circles, you will likely have a new, invested follower - and if so, now is the time to put them into the Life Steps app (as a prospect! make sure you've upgraded your app to have this feature, it's AMAZING!) so you intentionally work on talking through YL with them! This ensures every solid connection goes through the "YL" process.
When we do this and cycle through our topics of interest in our stories and posts, along with Young Living related topics every 5-6 posts and sprinkled into our story, this creates natural interactions about YL!

Additionally, you can choose to use the Instagram Live feature to do a weekly virtual class that you can promote in your stories and cross post onto your IGTV feed if you want to take this to the next level!
your turn
Print it out right now and get to work!
What are THREE things you're interested in that you could chase hashtags?


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