Consistency leads to Closing
Your formula for success is simple... 

When you are excited to talk about the product, the company, and our community... people will take notice. Make it a regular habit to look in the mirror and ask yourself "would I purchase from me today?" If not, then what needs to shift?

In most cases, we need to evaluate our enthusiasm and our consistency to bring people in. It's hard work to show up daily, but if you don't... you're just priming your friends to get excited about products that someone else will end up selling them. Sometimes it feels like no one cares or is listening -- but I promise you they are! Many of your friends have watched the trend of MLM-hopping where people have jumped from company to company. Now that they're considering making a health-related purchase (we're not selling leggings, folks... we're selling something that could literally change their LIFE!!)... they want to buy from someone who is planning to stick around between now and at least the time their order gets delivered!

Your friends need you to be consistent in order to say YES to you. This doesn't mean you need to sit at your desk all day or be on Instagram for 10 hours... it just means that you're willing to show up daily in your life and add VALUE to others' lives. Focus on SERVING and HELPING more than on making the sale and you'll be looking for ways to bring value to those around you.

Closing the sale
So how do we get people to actually order from us? Here are three steps.

01. Listen to other people! Listen for their problems, because you have a solution. Don't listen in that way that waits to interject on top of someone else... but listen to care for them. When you hear a problem, gently ask them if they have considered using (fill in the blank with the product you think would help solve their problem). Now LISTEN to their response. 

Also... I find saying something like "have you ever tried Essential Oils for that?" might not be the right question. I still remember the day I was walking with a stranger who was lamenting the changing seasons and pollen and the madness in her sinuses and I asked that question. She said "yeah once I tried that but it didn't work." ((can you hear that door slam??)) You and I both know that a one-time application of oils isn't a cure-all. But if I had asked something like "have you considered using Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint each morning? I could make some suggestions on ways it may be helpful." -- that might have provoked a different response. Be specific.

02. Believe in the VALUE of what you are sharing with them. Everyone has a BS meter. You need to be fully confident in sharing the value. If you lack confidence people will not purchase from you.

03. Specific Language. If they're ready to make a change, use this specific language: 
"Based on what you shared (name the specific problem), I would recommend (insert product, then explain WHY this would help). Would you like me to send you a link on how to order?"

So you explained how to order and sent your link and you're waiting for the sale and.... nothing. Crud. Now what?

First of all, it happens. If someone feels pressured, they will often get the information and then ghost you, so be sure you're not pushy. But also, remember that people often need multiple exposures to buy. Don't give up or feel like a failure when your friends don't immediately purchase from you.

Follow up with a casual "hey! let me know if you need help placing your order or if you have any other questions. I'd love to get this welcome package out to you right away!" Continue to remain consistent with sharing the value of what you have. Once someone gets enough exposure to your product and you have shared the value, they'll better understand how your product solves their problem... and they will say YES.

your turn
Look back over your communications from the last few weeks. Who do you need to follow up with? How can you do that in a way that reminds them of the solution your product brings?


Copyright Erin Rodgers