Circles of Influence
INFLUENCE. It's a heavy word, especially in our culture's social-media-laden application of it. Do you have a lot of followers? How about comments and likes and DMs....? UGH. 

Let's just pause on that kind of influence for a minute. YES that can matter. But there are so many more facets to influence that are going to matter MORE to you over the course of your journey.

We are all SO connected to the people around us, whether we see them in person or have communicated through technology. Working through your circles is the most powerful way to create a solid structure. 

We all operate in different circles each day. Since Young Living’s compensation plan “maxes out” with six legs necessary to achieve the rank of Royal Crown Diamond, I think that’s a good goal. As you are enrolling, you need to think about these circles and create legs* strategically.

*Legs are like mini-teams -- we'll get to that terminology when we start talking compensation plan, don't worry about it right now!

Think of your LEGS as mini-teams you’re building within your big team.

First. // If you haven’t started already, make sure you have a notebook for listing your leads/prospects (the friends who don’t yet use oils!). On a blank page, draw out SIX circles and begin labeling them using the categories listed below for inspiration - only use those that seem related to your life. I also have a handout you can print (Click here).

Circles to consider ::
  • family
  • hobbies
  • coworkers
  • kids (friends’ parents, their school, hobbies, etc)
  • community groups
  • neighborhood
  • church
  • moms groups
  • gym, yoga classes, fitness club
  • PAST coworkers, hobbies, etc
  • volunteer group
  • spouse’s job & connections
  • online community
  • childhood friends
  • connections from a vendor event
  • ________ (make up more!)
Second. /Think through the people you know in those groups. Who would be blessed by the products or by the opportunity? Who would you love to link arms with and run? Who else do you know in this circle? Jot those names down.

The truly beautiful thing with this business is that each person that enters into our team then creates bigger circles either of people they can refer or people they can enroll so the circles keep growing and getting larger and larger. Even when they overlap because of mutual friends and acquaintances there are always those people who are different between your circles and mine and the expansion continues on and on.

Having a viewpoint that you've talked to everyone, that everyone knows about or uses oils, or that it's too late to be in on the growth of this market is simply based on false information. We have a huge local team here where I live, yet I still talk to people all the time who don't even know what oils are, much less use them. Then there are many who only know inferior oils that have given them no results. THEN there are those who have used even Young Living oils specifically in the past but didn't receive support or education or didn't have a personal connection and so it has been years since they've ordered (and can reopen their account with whoever they want!). They have no idea the impact of this product they may have even used faithfully for a while.

I promise you are surrounded by people who have digestive problems, are tired of sickness, need energy, are on many medications tearing them up with side effects, want to sleep better, hate their allergies, are hormonally imbalanced, have zero tools for releasing emotional baggage, feel helpless when it comes to the health of their kids, want better sex, need some side income, are lonely and desire community, need to ditch the gross ingredients and fragrances in their products, wish their skin would ever clear up, don't really want to eat lead in their lipstick, want their products to come from a company that cares for the environment and people…should I keep going? Stop underestimating what you have to offer.

• Just because they said no once, doesn't mean no forever.
• Just because they posted that one article on how crazy people are who do some natural thing, doesn't mean they really thought through it or haven't changed their minds.
• Just because they haven't already asked you about it, doesn't mean they wouldn't like to be asked.
• Just because they seem to already have enough money to not need a side income, doesn't mean they don't have a vision of something bigger?
• Just because they seem to have a lot of Facebook friends doesn't mean they feel connected to a meaningful community.
• Just because they don't want a business doesn't mean they won't talk about their oils and refer people to you who are interested or end up enrolling themselves.
• Just because you think something is expensive doesn't mean they do.
• Just because your feed is full of oils doesn't mean they know as many people as you do posting about them.
• Just because it seems like everyone knows you can take a probiotic and your digestive health changes drastically doesn't mean they know.
• Just because we make assumptions doesn't mean opportunities are not EVERYWHERE!!!

Your opportunities for growth are only limited by your mindset and your willingness to grow and transform it. To ask those strong questions of how did I get here and what will it take to move forward?
your turn
Understanding your power of influence is so important!!! We've walked through some logistics over the last few days, but I want you to really think about the objections (the bullet points) above. 
Have you believed some of the above assumptions?
What are some assumptions your enroller could have had about you that might have kept him/her from talking to you and kept you from this opportunity?

What are assumptions you are holding on to that are keeping you from reaching out to certain people or groups?

How can you move forward with action instead of waiting for something to happen to change the speed at which your circles are expanding?

Start consciously turning every objection your head gives you into a chance to switch it around and see opportunity. This is forming a new pattern for you that will be enormous in your transformation. Remember not to ask the why questions as you watch others growing (why are they growing faster, more successful, better at this), but instead ask the what and how questions of what you can learn and profit by in watching others.

Are you missing circle expansion opportunities by not asking your faithful product users if they have friends to refer to you (this can lead to incredible opportunities to show them how easy it would be to enroll those referrals themselves)?

What are some strong questions you are asking yourself about your circles of influence right now? Where are you shifting to see opportunity where before you saw obstacles?

"Make your list!" While this turn of phrase can easily take on a smarmy spin (now cold message everyone "hey girl, I have a product you should try!" << ewwww gross, don't do this)... in reality, making a list is a very important step in the process of growing a team.

You can find a Prospect Memory Jogger form in our team Google drive (under Business Tools). Sit down with this list and give yourself some time to think through people you know. 

You are NOT making a list of people to cold message with an obnoxious introduction to your products, but rather this is a way for you to make sure that you're connecting in a relational way to the people in your life who may value our products or business for themselves. 

"But Erin... what do I DO with this list???"
I got you. We'll talk all about Building Interest tomorrow!


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