Our team is called the JoyDroppers, so you'll see that "lingo" used occasionally. We are a community of individuals and families from all stages of life. Together we gather to encourage one another as we take steps into the world of holistic health & home. Whether you're fully engaged on clean eating & living or just grabbed a bottle of lavender in the hopes of better sleep... we're here for you and we are so glad you've joined us! What started as a decision from one family to live a little "differently" -- has grown into a movement uniting tens of thousands of families.

Hey there, I'm Erin!
...and this is my family -- my husband of nearly 20 years, Bronce, and our two amazing kids, Eleanor and Graham. Our family's journey into essential oils began in 2014 when I was asking a lot of questions and looking for solutions to support our kids' health.

I stumbled across essential oils, desperate for something that could help and quickly realized I had found tools for our whole family. As I learned of new ways to use our oils and began sharing with other mamas and friends who needed similar help, I realized the power of network marketing to help huge numbers of people at one time.

Our community (and team name) grew from the joy and delight I felt in that season as I saw the wisdom of using nature and God's gifts of plants to serve others.

Over the last (nearly) 9 years, we've been able to help an unfathomable number of families with issues big & small. Our team has scaled in leadership and resources to provide answers from friends and our extended community.

I'm so glad you're here!!
xoxo - Erin


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